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March Madness and gambling addiction recovery

March 5, 2019

Human Resources

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Human Resources

This month, we look at resources available for those who struggle with gambling.

It’s march, which for many means a celebration of college basketball through pool betting on March Madness. For some, this is simply a fun way of adding excitement while watching the competition. Have you ever worried that you or someone you love or care about could be struggling with money due to gambling?  Have you ever worried about paying your bills unless you get a win? Have you ever found yourself continuing to engage in gambling well past the point of "just for fun"?  Has gambling ever interfered with your finances and caused you anxiety or fear? Today we want to help those who may be struggling with these kind of questions.

Listed below are resources available to those who may be concerned about their feelings or behaviors around gambling:

  • Gambler’s Anonymous is the largest peer support network from those seeking support staying clear of the urge to continue gambling.   This website offers a meeting locator to find meetings in the area.
  • The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has its own page on problem gambling, which provides a definition for gambling addiction and highlights ways in which one can seek help and further resources.
  • The Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling website offers resources, including a list of certified specialists in gambling addiction, a 24-hour hotline, and more.
  • This Cambridge Health Alliance division site on addiction has free downloadable booklets to guide individuals looking for the first steps to identifying and changing their habits related to gaming.

For further resources and support, always feel free to reach out to the Employee Assistance Program.