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Mayor Walsh proclaims Social Media Day in Boston

June 30, 2014

Text of Proclamation:


When I took office, I pledged to listen, learn and lead, and through social media, we’re able to advance that mission and create a more participatory city government; and,


Through firsthand embrace of digital engagement channels, we’re engaging more constituents in new ways, from regular Twitter chats to a Reddit AMA and more; and


Supported by its Department of Innovation & Technology, the City of Boston offers an ever-growing menu of participatory digital media channels; and,


Social media allows us to create data-driven engagement strategies to deliver services and learn more about how to serve smarter and faster; and,


Social media offers new storytelling tools that increase transparency, and listening tools that allow us to be more responsive; and,


Which builds communities and creates a participatory digital government that improves life on a daily basis and makes us more resilient through crises,


I, Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby declare Monday June 30th, 2014 as

Social Media Day

and I urge you to join us in conversation, participation, and innovation as we use social technology to help build a better Boston.

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