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Mayor Walsh signs ordinance to discourage Fenway Park attendees from using resident parking spaces during Red Sox games

April 9, 2015

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today signed an ordinance that will pilot raising fines from $40 to $100 for violating resident parking restrictions in the neighborhoods around Fenway Park during Major League Baseball games. With Opening Day on Monday, April 13, the legislation is aimed at discouraging Fenway Park event attendees from parking in curbside spaces designated as Fenway/Kenmore resident parking zones. Vehicles that do not have a Fenway/Kenmore resident parking sticker are subject to the increased fine. The ordinance was sponsored by Councilor Josh Zakim and worked through the City Council with Government Operations Chair Michael Flaherty.

“We’ve heard from residents that finding a parking spot in the Fenway and Kenmore neighborhoods during baseball games is a burden, and this legislation aims to improve that experience,” said Mayor Walsh. “Thank you to Councilor Zakim and Councilor Flaherty for your work on this, and for coordinating with the Boston Transportation Department to make this into an effective pilot program for residents and for the City of Boston.”

"This ordinance is a great step forward for residents of the Fenway, Kenmore Square, and Audubon Circle. These changes will help restore the parking balance in the neighborhoods around Fenway Park during some of the busiest months of the year - an issue I've consistently heard about for almost two years,” said City Councilor Zakim. “I'm gratified to have participated in a truly collaborative effort across city government, working with the Mayor, BTD, and my colleagues on the Council to deliver for our neighbors. I look forward to examining the pilot data at the end of the year."

"Given that over 10,000 resident parking violations have been issued over the last two years during Fenway Park events underscores a significant problem for the residents of Fenway/Kenmore District,” said City Councilor Michael Flaherty. “Increasing resident parking fines should be a disincentive for people to illegally park and an encouragement to take public transportation or to cycle."

The change will go into effect two hours before any Major League Baseball game played at Fenway Park, and will extend to two hours after the game. The ordinance also gives flexibility to institute this rule during other Fenway Park events on a case by case basis. The pilot will end onDecember 31, 2015.

The City Council passed the Ordinance on April 8.