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Mayor Walsh urges caution during tornado watch

June 23, 2015

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today issued the following safety tips for residents following a tornado watch being issued for the City of Boston and surrounding areas until 11 p.m. tonight: 

  • Storm cellars and basements provide the best protection in the event of a tornado. 
  • If you are in a mobile home, plan an escape to a nearby sturdy building for shelter.
  • If you are in a home, apartment or small building, go to the basement or to a small interior room on the lowest floor, such as a hallway or bathroom closet. 
  • If you are in a school, hospital, factory or shopping center, go to the designated shelter area, or an interior hallway on the lowest level. 
  • Avoid large rooms, all outside walls and windows. Go the center of a room and stay away from corners. 
  • Use heavy furniture for shelter, and cover yourself with a mattress or a blanket.
  • If caught in the open with no shelter nearby, find a ditch, culvert, or low area and lay down flat. Cover your head with your hands for protection. 
  • Never try to outrun a tornado in a vehicle, abandon vehicles to the side of a road if a tornado approaches and take shelter in a nearby sturdy building. Vehicles do not provide good protection. 

The City's Emergency Operations Center is open to monitor the weather conditions with City agencies present and ready to respond.