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The Mayor's Office of Arts & Culture presents: INTRICACIES by Vanessa Irzyk

October 5, 2015

Arts and Culture

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Arts and Culture

Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that South Boston Artist Vanessa Irzyk exhibition “INTRICACIES” will be available from 10/15 – 11/13/2015 at the Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery in Boston City Hall.

“As this city continues to undergo this renaissance of real estate, economic and cultural development, we have put on display the work of one of our own artist that truly captures the spirit of Boston, Vanessa Irzyk,” said Mayor Walsh in a quote. “The exhibit is a component of the many creative forces that make up the artistic community in Boston. Much like how Ms. Irzyk exhibit INTRICACIES is a composition of independent marks and motifs that make up a larger picture, there is a symbolic correlation of how this city in the arts and as a metropolis comes together from many diverse environments, only to make up the masterpiece that is the City of Boston.”

INTRICACIES is a series of work that is a culmination of loosely obsessive mark making. The objective is to pull the viewer in to see each brushstroke in affiliation with its intricate cut. Both the painting and cutting process feels random and careless, although meticulous and monotonous.

“Negotiating colors, sharp angles, and miniscule cuts are what motivate me,” said Artist Vanessa Irzyk. “The repetitive motion and tedious process is comforting and allows me to push myself ever­ so­ slightly into inventing new shapes and angles. I begin by creating (mostly) symmetrical designs with acrylic paint applied to colored paper with a flat brush. Nothing is pre­planned or sketched out. Each stroke informs the next. The balance of color and vibrancy is important for the equilibrium of the soon ­to ­be object. Once laid out, I begin cutting attentively around each marking, leaving an outline of the colored paper surrounding the stroke for consistency. When released from the background paper it becomes an object of its own.”

The exhibition will be on display 10/15 – 11/13/2015

The Galleries at Boston City Hall are open the public at no charge and are handicapped accessible. Boston City Hall is accessible by the MBTA via Haymarket (Orange line). For more information, call 617-635-3245 or visit