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Neighborhood Slow Streets update

The Boston Transportation Department wishes to thank everyone who expressed interest in and/or submitted an application to the Neighborhood Slow Streets program this year. A total of 47 applications were received from neighborhoods throughout the City.

We have emailed all applicants to confirm that their applications have been received. If you submitted an application but have not heard from us, please email

The process of evaluating each application is now underway. We expect the evaluation process to be completed in May. We will announce the selected neighborhoods at that time. As previously stated, we anticipate working with two to three new neighborhoods this year.

As stated in the application packet and on our website, each application will be evaluated objectively based on the following criteria:

  • Community support, as evidenced by letters of support, a presentation, signed petitions, surveys, and/or neighborhood reports or audits
  • Percentage of households with children under 18
  • Percentage of population aged 65 and older
  • Presence of schools, parks, community centers, libraries, and public housing
  • Proximity to rail transit and bus routes
  • Identified walking or bicycling routes to schools or other bicycle routes identified in master plans
  • Crash history, including total number of crashes and number of crashes that resulted in fatal or serious injuries
  • Clear, strong boundaries to the neighborhood zone
  • Geographic diversity of selected neighborhoods
  • Feasibility of the City to implement improvements

If you have any immediate questions, please email us at

We appreciate your interest and input in the Neighborhood Slow Streets Program. Thank you again to everyone who submitted an application.

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