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New Mural Honoring 100th Anniversary of King Tut Tomb Discovery

The City of Boston and Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience have announced Boston’s newest public work of art: a large-scale mural titled “Tutankhamun's Journey into the Afterlife”. The mural is located on the South End’s Leon Electric building, at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Perry Street.

The mural honors the legacy of Tutankhamun (King Tut), while marking the centennial anniversary of King Tut’s tomb discovery. Located at the heart of Boston’s historic SoWa (South of Washington) Art and Design District, this new neighborhood landmark was made possible through partnership with Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience. 

This mural commemorates King Tut, the nine year old “Boy Pharaoh” who ascended to the throne 3,300 years ago. The mural was designed by 17-year-old Bobby Zabin, who was particularly inspired by King Tut’s emergence as a young leader. “It’s important that people know how devoted ancient civilizations were to their kings,” said Zabin, of Roslindale. “I hope this mural reflects similar devotion to the great painters of Ancient Egypt.”

The mural was painted and brought to life by a group of youth artists employed by the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Employment’s SuccessLink program, together with adult artists employed under the Boston Parks Department, including: Aiyanna Canty, Aminah Yahya, Bobby Zabin, Camila Aguilera-Steinert, Eli Swanson, Emmett Hughes, Heidi Schork, Inez Bendavid-Val, Jamar Joseph, Jerome Jones, Kayla Depina, Laniya Harding, Liz O’Brien, Lucy Edelstein-Rosenberg, Maia Poremba, Madalen Bigsby-Licht, Nalani Reid, Niamh Mulligan, Tony Depina, Xavier James, Xzavier Santiago, and Zariyah Wilkerson. 

The mural provides a long-lasting learning experience for those passing by  in a neighborhood where the arts flourish. In collaboration with Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience, the mural project provided a valuable opportunity for local teenage leaders of The Mayor’s Mural Crew to explore and depict the story of a teenager who led as a king in ancient Egypt. 

The mural can be found a block away from SoWa’s Power Station, where Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience is open through Sunday, October 2, 2022. 


About The Mayor’s Mural Crew

The Mayor’s Mural Crew, a program of the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, celebrates its 31st year employing Boston teenagers to create large-scale public art projects across neighborhoods and parks. Learn more about the program on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

About Beyond King Tut Immersive Experience

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience commemorates the 100th anniversary of one of the greatest archeological discoveries of all time and will take visitors on a time-traveling journey flooded with sight, sound and intrigue through the world of King Tut—the boy who reigned as pharaoh of Egypt more than 3,000 years ago—and the discovery of his tomb and treasures in 1922. With multiple rooms of discovery, visitors will wind through a unique narrative with stunning imagery from the archives of National Geographic to learn more about this 3,000-year-old, yet timeless, story about a young boy and how he changed the ancient and modern world.  


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