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New snow route for St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston


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Mayor's Office

Due to this week's blizzard, the shortened parade route starts at Broadway Station and ends at Farragut Road.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced today that due to the significant amount of snow that fell in Boston during yesterday's blizzard, the St. Patrick's Day Parade route will be modified to follow the established snow route to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. The snow route starts at Broadway Station and ends at Farragut Road.

"Our number one priority will always be to keep our residents safe at all times," said Mayor Walsh. "The snow route has allowed for a safe and enjoyable celebration in other years when there has been heavy snow before the parade, and I commend the Public Works Department for working diligently to ensure that Broadway will be safe and accessible by Sunday."  

"The Boston Police Department manages numerous special events throughout the year, including parades, and reviews all aspects of public safety," said Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans. "Yesterday's snowfall makes it more difficult to manage this weekend's parade in South Boston and it has created a situation where we do not feel that it is safe enough for children and families to watch the parade, especially on side streets, which are already difficult to navigate after a storm. It is important not to add more congestion to the roads in the neighborhood. Utilizing the snow route that has been successful in years past and will be safer for all of us."

With the parking ban in place through 5 p.m. today, Boston Public Works Department (PWD) removed 1,800 cubic yards of snow overnight from Broadway. Over the next several nights, PWD will focus on continued snow removal and opening the sidewalks on Broadway to ensure safety and accessibility on the designated snow route.

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