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New traffic circulation plan for Salcombe Street and Windermere Street, Dorchester

March 24, 2014


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The Boston Transportation Department announced today that a new traffic circulation plan has been designed for Salcombe Street and Windermere Road in Dorchester.  The design is the result of a collaboration between members of the Jones Hill Neighborhood Association, City Councilor Baker, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and the Boston Transportation Department.

"I am delighted that Boston’s Transportation Department has had this opportunity to work with members of the Jones Hill Neighborhood Association, as well as my Neighborhood Services office staff and Councilor Baker and his staff, on this plan to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in the Salcombe Street/Windermere Road area,” said Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

He added, “It is important that BTD and other city agencies work cooperatively with community representatives to determine the course of action that best meets the needs of those who live and work in our neighborhoods day in and day out.  I’d like to thank the members of the Jones Hill Neighborhood Association for their participation in this particular project and I look forward to other successful collaborations with them in the future.”

The purpose of the new design is to improve traffic and pedestrian safety in the area.  In the current configuration, both Salcombe Street and Windermere Road are two-way streets with parking allowed on both sides.  Residents have been becoming increasingly concerned that these residential streets could not safely accommodate this amount of vehicles.  A second concern of residents is a visibility issue with vehicles coming down the hill on Windermere Road.

City Councilor Baker said, “I am grateful to the Boston Transportation Department and the residents of Jones Hill, who worked diligently and collaboratively with my office in an ongoing effort to improve the traffic patterns and public safety in Jones Hill.  I am excited about these changes and I know the residents will be too.”

 In accordance with the new design, Salcombe Street will become a one-way between Stoughton Street and Peverell Street, with traffic heading toward Peverell Street.  Salcombe Street, from Peverell Street to Cushing Avenue, will continue to function as a two-way street.  Windermere Road will become a one-way from Cushing Avenue to Stoughton Street, with traffic heading toward Stoughton Street.  Both Salcombe Street and Windermere Road will continue to allow parking on both sides.

BTD Engineering Division staff has created a “Sign and Pavement Marking Plan” indicating the details of the changes.  The department’s Operations Division staff intends to be in the neighborhood making all of the new traffic and parking changes on Friday, March 28.

BTD Interim Commissioner James Gillooly said, “BTD will be in the neighborhood in the coming days working to implement the on-street changes.  We will continue to monitor traffic at this location over the next few weeks and we will make adjustments as necessary.”

Dorchester drivers are advised to slow down and look for new traffic signs in this area.