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Pics in the Parks: Challenge 8 - Light and shadows


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Parks and Recreation

Our weekly photography clinic, perfect for social distancing, has weekly challenges to help you hone and improve your photography skills.


Light and shadows


To photograph the way light and shadows play on an object  not necessarily the object itself. Pay attention to the direction of the light.


When the sun is behind you, it lights the subject directly  that is good for landscapes and portraits. When the sun is at your shoulder, you will see more depth and soft differences between highlights and shadows. Don’t look directly at the sun through your lens!


Backlight an image (face the sun while shooting) to create a silhouette. Backlighting also creates sun flares, a great effect with some experimentation.

Submit your photo to be included in our digital photo gallery by emailing Steve.Kruszkowski@Boston.Gov. Submissions may be used for future Boston Parks and Recreation Department marketing purposes.