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Recognizing grassroots arts publications and media outlets in Boston

Supporting local artists and arts organizations has long been a priority of the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. This summer we were excited to  extend our support in a way that we haven’t before. 

Boston is lucky to be home to a multitude of grassroots arts publications and other arts-related media outlets. These organizations and collectives have played such an important role in sharing artists’ work and generating more widespread support for the arts around Boston. As we wrapped up our funding for the fiscal year, we decided to honor their work in the form of a one-time, unrestricted grant of $1,800. We awarded this grant to 10 grassroots arts publications and media platforms that are primarily by and for women, BIPOC, and queer creatives in Boston. We looked at those that have been continuing to uplift Boston’s arts community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and are continuing to build their projects in Boston.

We encourage you to learn more about the grantees, and the many honorable mentions that are also incredibly deserving of support and recognition.

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Meet the Grantees

Boston Compass Newspaper

Boston Compass Newspaper (BCN) is an artist-run, multifaceted media collective serving the Greater Boston area since 2010. By focusing on local music, art, activism, and identity, BCN commits itself to making Boston and its surroundings a better place for artists and humanity at large. They create a monthly arts & culture newspaper, host a daily blog, and produce original video content.

Boston Compass

“Local artists, writers, designers, musicians, and businesses need these publications to lift their work beyond their neighborhood into their city and into the world. They also bring all these people together and make the community stronger and unified through the connections they create. Instead of making it feel like a competition to get your work noticed, publications provide space to be shared by many.” 

Kevin Dacey, Editor-in-Chief

Game Over Books

Founded in 2017, Game Over Books is a small Boston-based press run by nerdy artists. Their mission is to print unique books from diverse voices that push creative writing forward into the Next Level. From acceptance to publication, they give continual guidance to emerging writers as they continue to gain experience points, grow their craft, and navigate the world of publishing.

Game Over Books logo

“We want to show people that a 40-page poetry collection about Gerard Way as a queer and trans icon has just as much value, and has just as much quality, as New York Times bestsellers, if not more. Our press prides itself on being transparent about all aspects of our publishing process and providing authors a much-needed entry point into the publishing industry.”

-MJ Malpiedi, Business Manager and Co-Owner

MOON EATERS Collective

MOON EATERS Collective is a platform for queer Asian Pacific Islander narratives through art, community, and printed media. The collective was formed in 2018 by Ailin Lu, Crystal Bi Wegner, and Lily Xie and creates a series of anthology zines which features queer, API artwork and stories.

Moon Eaters Collective

“In supporting local grassroots art publications and media platforms, we are supporting a space for community to grow and make stronger connections. For folks that aren't often invited into traditional media platforms, grassroots art publications build a space for folks to be heard, be seen, be in community with others, and be their full selves.”

- Crystal Bi, Lily Xie, Ailin Lu, Cofounders

Boston Art Review

Boston Art Review (BAR) is an independent publication committed to facilitating active discourse around contemporary art in Boston. Boston Art Review provides a space for underrepresented voices in the form of reviews, critical perspectives, interviews, artist-generated content, and collective initiatives both online and in our twice-yearly print publication. 

Boston Art Review

“Artists need three kinds of space in order for their work to be successful: space to make their work, space to show their work, and space for their work to be in dialogue with the community. Local arts publications take on the crucial role of archiving our city's incredible network of artists, institutions, ideas, and events that make Boston the vibrant city that it is. In an increasingly digital world where tweets, images, and ideas are fast and fleeting, we are documenting history.”

- Jameson Johnson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Comics in Color/Boston Comics in Color Festival

Comics in Color/Boston Comics in Color Festival is a group of comic creators and enthusiasts who produce free and accessible events that are dedicated to uplifting a promoting comics creators of color while fostering the next generation of creators to bring more diverse people and stories into the artform.

Boston Comics in Color

“Grassroots arts organizations are important because they bring arts programming and events directly to the community from the community.”

- Cagen Luse, Director 

Print Ain't Dead

Print Ain't Dead is a bookstore and publishing platform focused on literary and text-based artifacts produced by black, brown and indigenous artists.

Print Ain't Dead

“We believe in the power of printed materials as a way to document our existence and to pass that legacy down to those who come after us. Literature is essential to liberation. We envision our work as a record of independent black, brown and indigenous cultural movements in Boston.”

- Cierra Peters, Co-Founder

Vănguard Zine

Vănguard is a transnational zine with the mission of connecting and uplifting LGBTQ+ Vietnamese creatives through art, literature, and activism. They hope to establish a safe platform where freedom of expression and individuality can thrive.

Vanguard Zine

ºFarenheight TV

ºFarenheight TV (ºF-TV) is a monthly variety show that celebrates people's greatness through interviews, live performances, and more. Previously filmed and aired on The Boston Neighborhood Network, ºF-TV has had over 100 guests on their show! From local artists to entrepreneurs, they highlight the diverse & unique experiences of BIPOC in Boston. Viewers can tune in to hear the inspiration behind the work of emerging artists and be uplifted by the courage and wisdom of community heroes and leaders in our city. 

Farenheight TV

Juniper Literary Magazine

Juniper is a platform aimed toward promoting works from people of all backgrounds, especially from those who have been marginalized. They accept poetry, prose, and artwork.

Juniper Literary magazine

“Grassroots organizations are important catalysts for change, as well as provide platforms for visibility, transparency, protest, and justice.”

-Rosie Carter, Editor-in-Chief

Hoodgrown Aesthetic

Hoodgrown Aesthetic tells the story of 21st-century artists of color living in Boston and abroad. Daughter of Contrast put her uncensored spin on art news and history. Through artist and non-profit shoutouts, interviews with artists, activists, educators, and more, HoodGrown Aesthetic confronts the eurocentricity of the art world while embracing the art, work, and history of Black and brown people.

Hoodgrown Aesthetic


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