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Recognizing Pine Street Inn's mission to end homelessness


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City Council

At the start of this week’s Council meeting, Councilor Essaibi-George recognized members of the Pine Street Inn Outreach Team.

Pine Street Inn is an organization that partners with homeless individuals to help them move from the streets and shelter to a home. They also provide assistance in helping formerly homeless individuals stay in their homes.

Councilor Essaibi-George shared that she had the privilege of participating in a “ride-along” a couple of months ago with the outreach team as they drove through the City to provide wellness checks and encourage people who are experiencing homelessness to come off the streets and into Pine Street Inn.

Councilor Essaibi-George said, “The temperatures that night were below freezing and we met many individuals. The outreach team met each person with respect and love. They knew many of the individuals we met. They knew their names, their stories, their circumstances, and how long they [had been] on the streets.” She continued, “As we made our way through different parts of the City and talked to many of our residents experiencing homelessness, one thing was clear: Mike, Jason, and Margie were loved by these people.”

For 50 years, Pine Street Inn has been providing a comprehensive range of programs and services for individuals in need, including housing supports, emergency services, and workforce development. Their ultimate goal is to end homelessness by making permanent housing a reality for all. They are currently the only organization offering nighttime street outreach in Boston.

For more information, visit the Pine Street Inn website.