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Safety is our first priority at Public Works

March 2, 2017

Public Works

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Public Works

At Public Works, our main goal is to provide safe streets and sidewalks for everyone. And everyone includes those who are working in the street!

As part of our focus on safety, we now consider a company’s safety track record before issuing a permit. A new City Ordinance enacted by Mayor Walsh and the City Council is supporting this effort.

Before a company can get a permit, it must provide the results of all its OSHA inspections for the last five years. In certain cases, the company may also need to give us a copy of its Safety Plan for the project.

At Public Works, we know safety requires each person at a work site to make smart decisions every day. We also know that companies that put safety first and provide training have the safest outcomes.

Unsafe practices on our streets and sidewalks endanger both workers and the public. By making sure only safe and responsible contractors do work in the Public Right-of-Way, we’re making the streets safer for everyone!