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Snow emergency and parking ban to be lifted at noon


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Emergency Management

Residents are urged to abide by snow regulations, and offer help with shoveling sidewalks and pedestrian ramps to older adults and neighbors with disabilities.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh this morning announced that the snow emergency and parking ban currently in effect will be lifted at noon. Residents parked in participating discounted lots and garages will have two hours, until 2 p.m., to move their cars before regular rates resume. The Public Works Department (PWD) had over 800 pieces of snow and ice control equipment treating and clearing Boston's streets throughout the night.  Public Works crews will remain on through the day, continuing to address areas throughout the city. 

“This was one of those very hard to predict storms that could have gone either way based on the rain/snow line, and we had to prepare for the worst in terms of potential snowfall,” said Mayor Walsh. “I want to thank all of the crews helping to clear the wet, messy snow from our streets, and I’d ask that everyone continue to keep sidewalks and pedestrian ramps around their properties clear.”

Boston City Hall and 1010 Massachusetts Avenue will reopen today to the public. As previously announced, Boston Public Schools (BPS) students will attend classes today online for a partial day that will end 2.5 hours earlier than the regularly scheduled dismissal time. There will be no in-person learning on Tuesday, and all BPS buildings will be closed. In-person learning will resume on Thursday, February 4, 2021. Boston Public Library locations will be open for BPL To Go services today. All BCYF community centers will be closed, and registered lap swim sessions are cancelled but remote programming will continue.

As a reminder, trash and recycling pick-up will continue on a regular schedule. Residents are encouraged to download the Trash Day App. Street sweeping is cancelled until further notice. 

Residents are able to look up towed cars on the City of Boston's online database, or by calling the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) at 617-635-3900 or the Boston Police Department at 617-343-4629 to find out which tow company was used if the car was not towed by BTD.  

City-sponsored COVID-19 testing centers and the vaccination clinic at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College will be open on Tuesday, February 2, for people with appointments. Please check each testing site's hours of operation here and call before going. For information on the vaccination clinic at the Reggie Lewis, please visit

Rules on clearing snow:

  • Property owners must fully clear snow, sleet and ice from sidewalks and curb ramps abutting their property within three hours after the snowfall ends or within three hours after sunrise if the snow ends overnight. City officials strongly encourage people to clear their sidewalk as soon as possible after the snow ends. Curb and pedestrian ramps to the street should be cleared fully and continually over the duration of the storm to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities. 
  • Residents are urged to offer help to older adults and neighbors with disabilities in shoveling sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. 
  • Do not throw snow from the sidewalk or private property into the street. 
  • Failure to comply with the rules can result in fines issued by the Code Enforcement Division. Fines associated with failing to shovel sidewalks or throwing snow from private property onto public streets can be found here.

Temperatures are expected to remain cold and range from the mid-20s to mid-30s Tuesday into Wednesday. Street outreach teams will operate with extended hours and provide mobile outreach vans on the streets in the evening and throughout the day. Residents are reminded to call 911 to assist homeless or vulnerable individuals out in the cold who appear immobile, disoriented or underdressed for the weather.

Safety tips:

  • Keep catch basins and fire hydrants clear. For a map of catch basins and fire hydrants, visit here. Assist in keeping hydrants clear of snow so the Boston Fire Department can access them quickly in case of emergency.
  • Shoveling snow requires significant exertion; please be cautious and pay attention to symptoms. Stop if you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheaded, or nauseous/ vomiting. Call 911 if those symptoms do not resolve quickly.
  • Please take extra care on our streets while walking or driving, staying alert for other people on the road.  
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is a concern during winter weather, especially with the use of generators. Residents should use their home heating systems wisely and safely, and have a working carbon monoxide detector on each floor of the home. Call 911 immediately if you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Sitting in a car while idling can be deadly if the tailpipe is blocked. Do not let children sit in an idling car while shoveling. Clear snow and ice from any vehicular or household exhaust pipes (e.g. gas exhaust from the heating system or dryer).
  • If you’re unsure, have a contractor check your home’s roof to see if snow needs to be removed. If roof snow can be removed from the ground with the use of a snow-rake, do so with caution. Avoid working from ladders, and be mindful of slippery surfaces. 

Residents are encouraged to sign up for emergency notifications through AlertBoston and call 311 for non-emergency related issues. Please follow @CityofBoston and visit for the latest updates.