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South Boston Arts Association & Historic New England Art and Photography Exhibits at Boston City Hall

July 16, 2014

Arts and Culture

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Arts and Culture

Boston City Hall is featuring two exhibitions of art and photography by the South Boston Arts Association ( and Historic New England ( The exhibits are presented by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture.

The South Boston Arts Association’s exhibition highlights artists and poets from the neighborhoods of South Boston. From abstract to realism to poetry, this exhibition highlights a wide variety of techniques and themes. The artists featured include Paul Christian, Dennis Conway, Amanda Crump, Norman Crump, Harold Cunniff, William Frew, Joe Kerbartas, Dan McCole, Dorothy Morris, Deb Putnam, and Tom Steiner.

The exhibition will be on display from July 7 until August 22, 2014, in The Scollay Square Gallery on the third floor at Boston City Hall.

Historic New England’s The Camera's Coast exhibit presents images from the collection depicting life along the New England coast in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. These were years of great social and economic change, with many traditional occupations were in decline, such as longshore fishing to shipbuilding to deep-water voyaging. As the number of people who could afford vacations grew, and improved transportation made it easy for them to flee the city in the summertime, coastal recreation boomed, boating and yachting blossomed.

Pioneering photographers represented in The Camera's Coast include Emma L. Coleman, Baldwin Coolidge, Henry G. Peabody, Fred Quimby, and Nathaniel L. Stebbins. Subjects depicted include square-riggers, coasting schooners, fishing vessels and fishing ports, steamships and steamboats, tugs, small boats and large yachts, summer hotels and fishermen's shacks, beach houses, mansion houses, rusticators, fishermen, seaweed gatherers, lifesavers, and saltmarsh haymakers.

The exhibition will be on display July 7 until July 31, 2014, in The Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery on the second floor at Boston City Hall.

The Galleries at Boston City Hall are open to the public at no charge. Boston City Hall is accessible by MBTA via State Street (Orange and Blue lines) and Park Street (Green and Red lines). For additional information, call 617-635-3245, or visit