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Spreading kindness and care for animals


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City Council

Before the start of this week’s Council meeting, Councilor O’Malley recognized the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA).

Councilor O’Malley recognized the MSPCA for ensuring the health and vibrancy of our animal community in Boston and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

February 25 is widely recognized as World Spay Day since it was established in 1995 by the Doris Day Animal League. World Spay Day is recognized in over 70 countries to bring attention to the importance of spaying or neutering animals and the need for affordable services in our communities. Spaying or neutering a pet is an effective and humane way to save animals’ lives, prevent surplus litters and reduce the number of animals that are put down in animal shelters.

There are numerous programs sponsored by Boston-based non-profits, such as the MSPCA, that offer spay and neutering surgery for animals in low-income communities free of charge.

The MSPCA’s outreach in Boston in 2019 has resulted in meeting 737 families and 975 pets who have become clients. The MSPCA conducted 437 spay and neuter surgeries, 677 veterinary visits, and provided 27,184 meals to pets for free to families with lower incomes.

To learn more about MSPCA and how your pet can receive their services, visit the MSPCA website.