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Statement of Mayor Walsh on President Obama's Actions to Address Gun Violence

January 5, 2016

Mayor's Office

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Mayor's Office

"I was proud to stand with President Obama today as he announced real actions to address gun violence and create safer communities. Requiring all gun purchases to include a background check is a common sense, simple step which will make it harder for criminals and those who intend to commit crimes to access firearms.   

With expanded background checks and more resources for effective enforcement of existing gun laws, the President's actions are just some of the ways that we, as a country can reduce the gun violence that happens each and every day.   

Boston is no stranger to gun violence, and although we're experiencing a 16 year low in homicides, we continue to see illegal guns involved in shootings on our streets and in our neighborhoods. With nearly 70 percent of Boston's crime guns coming from outside Massachusetts, we know that this is not just a local issue, or an inner-city issue. Guns move across city and state lines and all too easily from legal ownership to criminal possession. 

The President has taken executive action to save lives and prevent the senseless carnage of gun violence. Here in Boston we will continue to make keeping guns out of the wrong hands a top priority, and thanks to the President's action we now have strong new tools to make progress nationwide."