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Traffic Advisory for October 27-31, 2023

Events happening in the City of Boston will bring some parking restrictions and street closures.

People attending these events are encouraged to walk, bike, or take public transit. Information on Bluebikes, the regional bike share service, may be found on the website and information on the MBTA may be found online. The MBTA advises riders to purchase a round-trip rather than a one-way ticket for a faster return trip. Walking is also a great way to move around.


Charlestown Halloween Event – Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The annual Charlestown Halloween Parade will take place and parking restrictions will be in place to support the event from 12PM to 8PM on the following streets:

  • Monument Square, Both sides, around the entire square/monument.
  • Monument Avenue, Both sides, from Monument Square to Warren Street.
  • Winthrop StreetBoth sides, from Monument Square to Common Street.
  • Common StreetBoth sides, from Winthrop Street to Adams Street.
  • Adams StreetBoth sides, from Common Street to Winthrop Street.

Halloween, Madonna Della Cava, North End – Saturday, October 28, 2023

The North End Madonna Della Cava Halloween Event is taking place parking restrictions will be in place and Battery Street will be closed to traffic. All streets will need to be cleared of parked vehicles on Saturday  from 9AM-5PM on the following streets:

  • Battery Street, Both sides, from Hanover Street to Commercial Street.
  • Commercial Street, South side (even side) from Hanover Street to Battery Street

Area E5 Halloween, West Roxbury – Friday, October 27, 2023

Area E5 of the Boston Police will be hosting their annual Halloween Party. It has been requested that Centre Street be posted with a temporary

parking restriction from Belgrade Avenue passed the police station to the rotary, on the same side as the station from  1PM to 8PMon the following street:

  • Centre Street, South side, from Belgrade Avenue to West Roxbury Parkway

Early Voting, Saturday & Sunday, October 28 & 29, 2023

Parking restrictions will be in place to assist with an early election that is taking place. Parking restrictions will be in place on Saturday and Sunday to limit parking to voting activities on the following street: 

  • Centre Street, South side (even side, Roche Center side), from Belgrade Avenue the driveway between the Roche Center and the 7-Eleven.

Age Strong Event, Irish Social Center, Halloween Party – Monday, October 30, 2023

A temporary parking restriction will be in place to allow buses and MBTA “the Ride” vehicles access to the curb from 9 AM- 3 PM on the following street: 

Park Street, North side (odd side), from Centre Street to Corey Street


Events such as parades, road races, and street fairs may require road closures to accommodate the activities. 


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