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Two easy ways to get involved with climate-ready planning

The Climate Ready Boston team has launched the second phase of the planning process in East Boston and Charlestown. Here are two 15-minute ways to get involved in the project today.

The Climate Ready Boston team has launched a planning process in East Boston and Charlestown focused on coastal flooding. For this process we are looking at the timing and location of flooding in the neighborhoods, how it affects residents and businesses, and developing solutions together to build a resilient and healthy future for all. 

We want to work with you to create ways to protect your neighborhood from flooding today and in the future. By sharing your experiences, thoughts, and opinions, we are able to ensure community-driven solutions to climate change.

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  • Contact the Climate Ready team today!
  • Join a Climate Ready Coffee Chat

    Contact: Environment

    Join the Climate Ready team for a casual, 15-minute chat over a warm drink of your choice via phone or video chat.

    You'll have the opportunity to

    1. Ask any questions you might have about the Climate Ready planning process.
    2. Share your thoughts about:
      • how coastal flooding affects your life
      • what you love about your neighborhood, and
      • your ideas for the future of East Boston.

    No preparation required and you can choose a time that works for you. 


    Share your stories of resilience

    The Climate Ready Story Project celebrates resilience that exists throughout the different communities in Boston. As we experience climate change, these systems of resilience will become even more important.

    Read about how other Bostonians define and experience resilience, and share your thoughts!

    Share your resilience story

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  • Contact the Climate Ready team today!
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