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Update: Highland Park Historic District Study Committee


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Landmarks Commission

The Study Committee for the proposed Highland Park Architectural Conservation District has made substantial progress on their draft study report over the last several months.

They have discussed the proposed boundary of the district and reviewed the sections of the report that address the location, description, historical significance, architectural significance, economic status, and planning context of the neighborhood. They are currently discussing the standards and guidelines for the proposed district. Once the standards and guidelines have been drafted, they will proceed with a final round of review and then the study report will be made available to the public.

Highland Park

The Highland Park Study Committee has also worked on public outreach to keep the community informed about their progress. They hosted a public Open House event in May on Zoom that was well attended by residents and neighbors. They plan to hold a second Open House this summer, which they hope to host in person in the neighborhood after the release of the study report. Further information about Highland Park can be found online.

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