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Updated Technology Offerings at Boston Public Library Locations Citywide

November 7, 2014

Boston Public Library

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Boston Public Library is updating the range of technology it offers to library users citywide. Taking place now through the end of the calendar year is a series of upgrades to the technologies used by the public each day, including new pay-for-print service kiosks, desktop software upgrades with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office, and high-tech multifunction printing, copying, and scanning devices.

The new service kiosks are one of the most noticeable additions to the twenty-four branches and the Central Library in Copley Square. The bright red kiosks are part of the library’s upgraded pay-for-print system and have several features, including the introduction of paying for printing via standard credit and debit cards. Boston Public Library cards will now store up to $21 for use on the system.

The upgraded pay-for-print system offers the capability to submit print jobs from laptops on the Boston Public Library free WIFI network. The multifunction printer, copier, and scanners print in color; accept USB drives; and can scan directly to email. In addition, there is now an option to pay overdue fines at the service kiosks. Cardholders with an excess of $10 in outstanding fines will be prompted by the kiosks to speak with a library staff member before printing in order to discuss bringing their fines below the $10 threshold. Non-cardholders will be able to use a guest print pass.

In addition to the new equipment being deployed at libraries citywide, there are also significant software upgrades being applied to the more than 800 free public-use computers in the Boston Public Library system. All computers will have upgraded operating systems, updated and new internet browsers, quick-links to career-related websites, and a range of creativity and productivity software. Free computer access time has been expanded citywide to 120 minutes per day per user, an increase from 60 minutes.

“The library is committed to providing up-to-date technology,” said Vladimir Yampolsky, Director of Information Technology. “These upgrades reflect not only a more stable infrastructure for the library, but they also respond to the many technology requests and suggestions we have received in recent years from our communities of users.”

In addition to upgrades to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office, Boston Public Library computers are in the process of being loaded with Google Chrome browser and Internet Explorer version 11; links to career sites such as,, and; and software such as Adobe Reader,, iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media, and others.

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