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Boston Industrial Development Financing Authority TEFRA hearing

The Boston Industrial Development Financing Authority will be holding a TEFRA Hearing on February 14 at 10 a.m.

Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda

    Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be conducted by the Boston Industrial Development Financing Authority (“BIDFA”) at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 22 Dry Dock Avenue, Room 307, South Boston, Massachusetts.  If BIDFA’s offices are closed on February 14, 2020 due to unforeseen circumstances, ‎including adverse weather conditions, the public hearing will be held on the next business day on ‎which BIDFA’s offices are open at the same time and location.  The purpose of the ‎hearing will be to consider the proposal of East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Corporation (“EBNHC”) that BIDFA:

    • approve an existing project owned and operated by EBNHC or an affiliate thereof as health facilities, ‎previously financed in part with the proceeds of the $10,400,000 original ‎principal amount of City of Boston, Massachusetts Industrial Development Financing Authority Revenue ‎Bond, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Issue, Series 2012‎, and generally consisting of:  (a) the demolition of a parking lot and funeral home and other site preparation located at 20 Maverick Square, East Boston, Massachusetts; (b) the acquisition, construction and equipping on such site of a 4-floor, 47,777 square foot medical office building, including clinical and office space, to accommodate relocation and expansion of existing practices; and (c) the renovation of an approximately 70-space parking lot located at 115 Bremen Street, an adjacent property, to accommodate patient parking and shuttle pickup and drop-offs (collectively, the “Project”); and
    • authorize the refinancing of the Project by the reissuance by the City of Boston (the “City”), acting by and through BIDFA, under and pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40D, of revenue bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $8,000,000, which bonds will not constitute a debt or pledge of the faith and credit of BIDFA, the City or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.