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Last updated: 11/22/2016 - 2:16pm

Excel High School Meeting

Level 4 Local Stakeholder Group Meeting

All meetings of the Excel High School Local Stakeholder Group are open to the public. The Local Stakeholder Group also welcomes written comments sent by email to

Discussion Topics

  1. 4:00pm

     Introductions and Framing: In the previous four meetings, Local Stakeholder Group members will have examined information about Excel High School in its current state, received ideas and recommendations from a wider representation of the school's s turnaround. During this final meeting, the LSG’s members will come to consensus on their recommendations to Superintendent Chang about the contents of the school’s turnaround plan.

  2. 4:15 pm

    Based on the information provided at previous meetings, what recommendations does the Local Stakeholder Group have for turnaround practices for Excel High School?

  3. 5:15 pm

    How can the LSG organize specific recommendations into these four strategic arenas that have been shown to support school turnaround?

    - Leadership, shared responsibility, and professional collaboration 

    - Intentional practices for improving instruction

    - Student-specific instruction and supports to all students

    - School culture and climate

  4. 6:00 pm

    Which strategies require additional information or research in order for Superintendent Chang to determine whether they should be included in Excel High School's turnaround plan?

  5. 6:30pm - Adjourn