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Last updated: 11/22/2016 - 3:18pm

Brighton High School Meeting

Level 4 Local Stakeholder Group

All meetings of the Brighton High School Local Stakeholder Group are open to the public

Discussion Topics

  1. 2:45 pm- lntroductions and Framing

    In the previous four meetings, Local Stakehotder Group members will ha@ examined information about Brighton High School in its current state, received ideas and
    recommendations from a wider representation of the school's stakeholders, and explored promising potential strategies for the school's turnaround.
    During this final meeting, the LSG's members will come to consensus on their recommendations to Superintendent Chang about the contents of the school's
    turnaround plan.

  2. 3:00pm - Discussion

    Based on t}te information provided at previous meetings, what recommendations does the Local Stakeholder Group have for turnaround strategies and practices for Brighton High School?

  3. 4:45 pm

    Which strategies require additional information or research in order for Superintendent Chang to determine whether they should be included in Brighton High School's turnaround plan?

  4. 5:15 pm - Adjourn