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Last updated: 11/30/2016 - 9:14am

Licensing Board Public Hearing

You can view the licensed premise violations hearing list below.

Discussion Topics

  1. High Street Restaurant Group, LLC., D/B/A: Howl at the Moon and Down Ultra Lounge

    Location: HIGH ST BOSTON, MA 02110

    License#: LB-99177, Notice/Violatlon#: 29032, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 09/10/2016, Notice/Violation: A&B, patron on patron in violation of G.L. ch. 139 s.64.

  2. West End Dining, LLC., D/B/A: Causeway

    Location: 65-71 CAUSEWAY ST BOSTON, MA 02114

    License#: LB-98977, Notice/Violation#: 002779, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/06/2016, Notice/Violation: Service of alcohol after closing hour in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s. 64.

  3. The Boston Lego Corp., D/B/A

    Location: 71 - 79 WARRENTON ST BOSTON, MA 02116

    License#: LB-98893, Notice/Violation#: 002491, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/01/2016, Notice/Violation: Serving alcohol to an intoxicated patron in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s.69.


    Location: 204 TREMONT ST BOSTON, MA 02116

    License#: LB-99646, Notice/Violation#: 071370, Category: CV7MW

    Date: 10/15/2016, Notice/Violation: Overcrowding in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s.64 

  5. Select Restaurant, Inc., D/B/A Top of the Hub

    Location: 800 BOYLSTON ST BOSTON, MA 02199

    License#: LB-98947, Notice/Violation#: 071367, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/12/2016, Notice/Violation: Patron arrested for OUI , after leaving premise, in violation of G.L. ch, 138 s. 64.

  6. Wheeling's Bar, LLC., D/B/A Beehive

    Location: 541 TREMONT ST BOSTON, MA 02116

    License#: LB-99285, Notice/Violation#: 071372, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/15/2016, Notice/Violation: Expired ISD certificate, no receipt available, in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s. and Rule 1.02 B. Violation taken off the list as we have received a copy of the ISD.

  7. KHRG Boston Hotel, LLC.,D/B/A: Nine Zero Hotel/KO Prime

    Location: 90 TREMONT ST BOSTON, MA 02109

    License#: LB-101655, Notice/Violation#: 071369, Category: INNAL

    Date: 10/14/16, Notice/Violation: No ISD certificate posted in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s.64.

  8. K & G Entertainment, LLC., D/B/A: Sidebar

    Location: 14 - 16 BROMFIELD ST BOSTON, MA 02108

    License#: LB-99416, Notice/Violation#: 071349, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/14/2016, Notice/Violation: Overcrowding, in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s. 64 and Rules 1.03 J, 1.06 A, F.

    Date: 10/14/2016, Notice Violation: Expired ISD certificate in violation of G.L. ch. 138 s. 64 and Rule 1.02 B.

  9. The Kingston Group, LLC., D/B/A: Kingston Street

    Location: 25 KINGSTON ST BOSTON, MA 02111

    License#: LB-99413, Notice/Violation#: 071977, Category: CV7AL

    Date: 10/16/2016. Notice/Violation: Emergency egress, impeded by stacked tables and chairs, in violation of 138 s.64 and Rule 1.06 A.