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Back Bay Architectural Commission

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations Committee Meeting
  2. Design Review Hearing

    17.629 BB 235 Newbury Street
    Applicant: James Christopher

    Proposed Work: Renovate existing lower and upper patio along Newbury Street and create storage space under upper patio;  install new wheelchair lift to service street level (first floor) and lower level (basement) retail space; patch and repair exterior masonry at front façade; and alter window openings on Newbury Street elevation.

    17.608 BB 166 Newbury Street

    Applicant: Vincent Norton (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: At front façade replace two, one-over-one, double-hung, wood second story windows in-kind, two one-over-one, double-hung, wood third story windows in-kind, and one, nine-over-nine, double-hung, wood third story window in-kind; at rear elevation replace one, nine-over-one, double-hung, wood second story window in-kind; remove existing roof hatch, skylight and mechanical equipment; replace black rubber membrane roof in-kind; install two new skylights, roof hatch and mechanical equipment; and repair gutter at front façade.

    17.643 BB 899 Boylston Street

    Applicant: Thomas Trykowski, AIA (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Remove paving; salvage existing granite street marker for reinstallation; install new concrete sidewalk and curb cuts; create new "Furnishing Zone" with 4 1/2" X 9" permeable pavers; and re-create pedestrian path with concrete featuring saw dust score marks.

    17.641 BB 205-207 Newbury Street

    Applicant: Thomas Trykowski, AIA (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: At front façade remove brick piers between windows at 207 Newbury Street and remove concrete columns between windows at 205 Newbury Street; re-support the masonry with interior columns to be located behind new storefront glazing; install new butt glazed storefront windows between building banding on parlor level; and install new butt glazed storefront windows and entry door between building banding and the paving on the garden level.

    17.611 BB 535 Boylston Street

    Applicant: Michael McGowan (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Replace existing frameless glass entry doors at Boylston Street with steel clad and glass doors.

    17.631 BB 93-95 Newbury Street

    Applicant: Loretta Turk (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Install new entry gate at front façade’s main entryway to store.

    17.507 BB 315 Marlborough Street

    Applicant: Andrew and Karen Wang (owners)

    Proposed Work: Install an iron gate at front façade's entry walkway.

    17.581 BB 42 Commonwealth Avenue

    Applicant: Thomas C. Thompson, Jr. (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Replace existing decking and framework in-kind; replace existing black iron railing in-kind; extend existing roof deck toward rear of building; remove two existing skylights; and replace two existing skylights in-kind.

    17.644 BB 133 Marlborough Street

    Applicant: Michael S. Teller, AIA (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Re-landscape front garden and re-design front entry.

    17.646 BB 11 Exeter Street

    Applicant: Dartagnan Brown

    Proposed Work: Re-landscape yard; re-introduce window wells; confirm second and third floor windows were original window openings that have been closed; and install construction sign.

    17.647 BB 401 Beacon Street

    Applicant: Dartagnan Brown

    Proposed Work: Repair all exterior masonry; replace all windows; restore front entry doors; replace standing seam metal siding at elevator overrun and stair, and install new copper standing seam panels; replace and enlarge roof deck with added fireplace, pool, hot tub and countertops; install roof top mechanical equipment; restore missing chimney along Gloucester Street elevation; replace concrete sidewalk with brick pavers; and re-landscape lawn areas.

    17.569 BB 425 Marlborough Street

    Applicant: Alexandra Crivon (Owner)

    Proposed Work: Installation of retractable awning at roof deck supported by wrought iron supports mounted to existing deck structure and railing.

    17.522 BB 329 Commonwealth Avenue

    Applicant: Adam Gilmore (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Lower height of roof; construct copper clad penthouse, elevator and head house and roof decks; replace all windows with one-over-one, double-hung wood sash; remove existing entry structure at rear elevation; re-size masonry opening at removed door for new window opening; construct paved ramp with brick faced retaining walls to basement; construct new opening in rear foundation for a new garage door; and repave rear parking area with brick and granite pavers.

    17.282 BB 45-53 Hereford Street

    Applicant: Guy Grassi (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Construct three-story addition attached to rear elevations of 49-53 Hereford Street; widen existing bay windows; add fenestration and dormers; repair masonry; install mechanical equipment on roof; re-landscape area around proposed addition.

  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.564 BB 286 Beacon Street

    Replace existing black rubber membrane roofing at front portion of building with new black rubber membrane roofing.

    17.638 BB 465 Beacon Street

    At rear elevation replace non-historic fifth floor wood window unit in-kind.

    17.598 BB 745 Boylston Street

    At front façade replace existing wall and window signage with new branded image and add one additional wall sign.

    17.536 BB 1 Commonwealth Avenue

    Repair front façade’s concrete entry steps with concrete coating to match color of existing steps.

    17.632 BB 22 Commonwealth Avenue

    At front façade replace nine non-historic, double-hung, one-over-one aluminum windows with wood, double-hung one-over-one windows.

    17.624 BB 28 Commonwealth Avenue

    Replace two one-over-one, double-hung, wood, half segment top windows on the fifth floor of the front façade in-kind; and replace two two-over-two, double-hung, wood, segment top windows on the fifth floor of the rear elevation in-kind.

    17.633 BB 174 Commonwealth Avenue

    Replace existing wood siding at rear elevation of penthouse with standing seam copper siding to match existing copper siding at side elevations of penthouse.

    17.630 BB 174 Commonwealth Avenue

    Install new black rubber membrane roof over existing asphalt roof at rear portion of roof (between penthouse and alley); replace two existing skylights with Velux hip roofed skylights; replace existing mechanical box with a black metal eight (8”) inch round, twenty-four (24”) inch tall gravity vent; and install copper flashing.

    17.533 BB 362-366 Commonwealth Avenue

    At front façade replace three non-historic second story one-over-one aluminum windows with wood one-over-one windows.

    17.580 BB 11 Gloucester Street

    Rebuild chimney in-kind with existing brick, brick that matches the existing brick and Type N mortar; re-install chimney pots, and install new lead flashing.

    17.563 BB 29 Marlborough Street

    Relocate light fixture at front façade entry door and install new light fixture.

    17.612 BB 66 Marlborough Street

    Replace slate shingles at Mansard in-kind; replace gutter in-kind; and replace two, double-hung, six-over-six, wood windows in-kind.

    17.623 BB 70 Marlborough Street

    At rear elevation, repoint masonry at third and fourth stories of rear elevation with mortar to match the color, texture and tooling of the existing mortar.

    17.534 BB 398 Marlborough Street

    At rear elevation, replace four, double-hung, one-over-one wood fourth story windows in-kind.

    17.515 BB 400 Marlborough Street

    At rear elevation, replace three, double-hung, one-over-one wood third story windows in-kind.

    17.609 BB 131 Newbury Street

    At front façade, install two new aluminum signs above first story bay windows.

    17.582 BB 135 Newbury Street

    At front façade, install new aluminum sign at first story retail space.

    17.548 BB 216-218 Newbury Street

    At front façade, install one new halo-lit aluminum sign and two non-illuminated aluminum signs at lower level retail space.

    17.625 BB 297 Newbury Street

    At front façade’s bay window, install one metal sign measuring twelve (12’) inches by seventy-two (72”) inches above center window; and one eight (8”) inch by twenty-four (24”) inch metal sign above each side window.

    17.567 BB 351 Newbury Street

    At front façade, replace copper gutter in-kind and repair parapet wall.

    17.568 BB 355 Newbury Street

    At front façade, replace four, nine-over-nine, vinyl windows with wood, true-divided light, nine-over-nine windows; and replace two, eight-over-eight vinyl windows with wood, true-divided light, eight-over-eight windows.

  4. Projected Adjournment: 9 p.m.