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Last updated: 12/16/2016 - 9:21am

Boston Retirement System Meeting

The Boston Retirement Board is meeting on December 21, 2016.

Discussion Topics

  1. Administrative Session
  2. Meeting Convenes - Introduction of Members & Guests
  3. Review/Accept Administrative Session Minutes of last board meeting
  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues: Timothy J. Smyth, Executive Officer

    Administrative Update - discussion only

    PERAC Pension News  – discussion only

  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues: John Kelly, Investment Analyst Custody Search – discussion and voteState Street:  Jason Butler, Managing Director – Head of Public Fund Services; Patrick Donohoe, Vice President & Relationship ManagerBNY Mellon:

    Bruce Shain, Managing Director; Barbara Doherty, Service Director Manager; Scott Berard, Managing Director – Global Risk Solutions; Todd Kroner, Relationship Development ExecutiveJP Morgan:  James Adams, Managing Director; Josh Lavender, Executive Director; John Miller, Executive Director; Ed Semiles, Vice President & Client Service Manager

  6. November 2016 Flash Report – discussion only
  7. Real Estate Search Update – discussion only
  8. Work Plan – discussion only
  9. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues: Jonathan D. Lucas, Chief Financial Officer

    Financial Update - discussion only

    November 2016 Financial Snapshot - discussion only

    2015 PERAC Comparative Analysis - discussion only

    CY17 Operating Budget - discussion and vote

  10. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues: Christine M. Weir, Operations Officer

    Operations Update - discussion only

  11. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues: Padraic P. Lydon, General Counsel

    Legal Update – discussion only

    The following PERAC memorandum is offered for educational purposes only:PERAC Memo 27-2016 re updated Tobacco Company list

    The following case is offered for educational purposes only:Fair vs. Middlesex County Ret. Bd., CR-15-294 (CRAB dec. 11-18-2016)

  12. The Board shall enter into Executive Session in order to consider applications for disability retirement allowance benefits, accidental death benefits, termination allowance benefits, as well as litigation strategy. The Board shall re-convene in Administ
  13. END