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Last updated: 12/19/2016 - 4:31pm

Parks and Recreation Department Hearing

Parks and Recreation Department will be holding a hearing on tree removals on January 5, 2017

Discussion Topics

  1. Request to remove nine trees with a total diameter of 37” at chest height as follows: four sophora japonica trees that are each 2” in diameter and five honey locusts that are 3'', 3'', 3", 9", and 11"in diameter in the vicinity of 50 New Sudbury Street.
  2. Request to remove one callery pear tree that is 18” diameter at chest height at 37 Mercer Street.
  3. Request to remove one linden tree that is 21” diameter at chest height at 698 Walk Hill Street.
  4. Request to remove two red maple trees that are 6” diameter at chest height at 12 Western Avenue.