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Last updated: 12/22/2016 - 10:38am

Boston Retirement Board meeting

The board will meet on March 15 at 10 a.m.

Discussion Topics

  1. Meeting Convenes - Introduction of Members & Guests
  2. Review/Accept Administrative Session Minutes of last board meeting
  3. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues: Timothy J. Smyth, Executive Officer

    Administrative Update

    Staff Memo re Board election and proposed deadlines – discussion and vote

    Boston Municipal Research Bureau Update - Boston's Pension Liability Declines - March 2017 – discussion only

  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues: John Kelly, Investment Analyst

    Investment Update

    Private Equity Search – discussion and vote

    Lexington Partners

    Z Capital Group

    TIPS implementation and options – discussion and vote

    Income Research and Management

    Hedge Fund Managers Responses – discussion only

    Real Estate Search Review – discussion only

    January 2017 Flash Report – discussion only

    Work Plan – discussion only

    2017 Asset Allocation – discussion and vote

  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues: Ellen M. McCarthy, Interim Comptroller

    Financial Update

    February 2017 Financial Snapshot – discussion only

  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues: Christine M. Weir, Operations Officer

    Operations Update

  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues: Padraic P. Lydon, General Counsel

    Legal Update

    The following waiver request was made for discussion and vote:

    Robert Johnson                  BFD

    The following PERAC memos are offered for educational purposes only:

    PERAC Memo 14-2017 re PROSPER training

    PERAC Memo 15-2017 re STS-LStar event

    The following court cases are offered for educational purposes only:

    Bernier v. Hampden County Reg. Ret. System, CR-15-555 (DALA dec. 01-13-2017)

    McDonough v. Quincy Ret. Bd., CR-13-357 (DALA dec. 11-09-2016)

    Rodriguez v. Springfield Ret. Bd., CR-15-216 (DALA dec. 01-13-2017)