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Last updated: 12/22/2016 - 10:52am

Boston Retirement Board meeting

The agenda may be revised at the discretion of the board members.

Discussion Topics

  1. Meeting Convenes - Introduction of Members and Guests
  2. Review/Accept Administrative Session Minutes of last board meeting
  3. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues: Timothy J. Smyth, Executive Officer

    * Administrative Update

    * COLA & COLA base – discussion only

    * ABC Project update – discussion only

    * Board election update – discussion only

    * PERAC Pension Newsflash 46-2017 – discussion only

  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues: John F. Kelly, Investment Analyst

    * Investment Update

    * Private Debt Search – discussion and vote

    o Orchard: Andrew Weber, Partner & Head of Structuring; Hitesh Kumar, Portfolio Manager; Michael Segalini, Investor Relations

    o Permira: James Greenwood, CEO; Monica Chase, Head of Investor Relations; Emily Mulfur, Private Funds Group

    o Alcentra: Jack Yang, Global Head of Business Development; Laurence Raven, Deputy Portfolio Manager; Jeb Banks, Vice President

    * Hedge Fund Performance Review – discussion only

    * April 2017 Flash Report – discussion only

    * Work Plan – discussion only

  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues: Ellen M. McCarthy, Interim Comptroller

    *Financial Update

    *April 2017 Financial Snapshot – discussion only

  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues: Christine M. Weir, Operations Officer

    *Operations Update

  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues: Timothy J. Smyth, Executive Officer

    *Legal Update

    *Waiver Request: Perez, Marisela - BPD - $57,046.78

    The Board shall enter into Executive Session in order to consider applications for disability retirement allowance benefits, accidental death benefits, termination allowance benefits, as well as litigation strategy. The Board shall re-convene in Administrative Session in order to consider any remaining agenda items and then adjourn.