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Boston Retirement System meeting

(The agenda is subject to revised upon the discretion of the board members, if so, a revised agenda will be submitted).

Discussion Topics

  1. The standard administrative session agenda is as follows:
  2. Adjourn Meeting Convenes – Introduction of Members & Guests
  3. Review/Accept Administrative Session Minutes of last board meeting
  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues
  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues
  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues
  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues
  8. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues

    The Board enters Executive Session in order to review applications for disability retirement benefits, accidental death benefits, member survivor allowance benefits, as well as litigation strategy.  At the conclusion of the Executive Session, the Board reconvenes in Administrative Session in order to consider the rest of the agenda items, if any, and adjourn.