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Last updated: 12/22/2016 - 11:47am

Boston Retirement System meeting

The agenda may be revised at the discretion of the board members.

Discussion Topics

  1. Administrative Session Agenda
  2. Meeting Convenes – Introduction of Members & Guests
  3. Review/Accept Administrative Session Minutes of last board meeting
  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues
    • Administrative Update
      • Hamilton Lane update on private equity program discussion only
      • ABC Project update discussion only
      • Board Election Results discussion and vote
  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues
    • Investment Update
      • PERAC 2016 Schedule 7 Fee Report – discussion only
      • Real Estate Search Revisit – discussion and vote
      • Supplemental Performance Report – discussion only
      • October 2017 Flash Report discussion only
      • Work Plan discussion only
  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues
    • Financial Update
      • October 2017 Financial Snapshot – discussion only
  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues
    • Operations Update
      • October 2017 payroll update – discussion only
      • Collective Bargaining Agreement project update – discussion only
      • Service purchase backlog project update – discussion only
  8. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues
    • Legal Update
      • Open Meeting Law Revisions and Meeting Minutes from City Clerk’s Office – discussion only
      • The following PERAC memos have been provided for educational purposes only:
        • PERAC Memo 33-2017 re new fraud poster; and,
        • PERAC Memo 34-2017 re training

    The Board enters Executive Session in order to review applications for disability retirement benefits, accidental death benefits, member survivor allowance benefits, as well as litigation strategy.  At the conclusion of the Executive Session, the Board reconvenes in Administrative Session in order to consider the rest of the agenda items, if any, and adjourn.