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Back Bay Architectural Commission Hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30p.m.)

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. 4:30 pm Violations Committee Meeting
  2. 5:00pm Design Review Hearing

    17.701 BB 399 Boylston Street

    Applicant: Paul Filtzer, BRE Boylston Owner LLC (Owner)

    Proposed Work: Exterior signage master plan.

    17.706 BB 205-207 Newbury Street

    Applicant: Thomas Trykowski, AIA (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: At front façade remove brick piers between windows at 207 Newbury and remove concrete columns between windows at 205 Newbury; re-support the masonry with new bronze colored exterior columns to be located in line with the new storefront glazing; introduce similar egg and dart detail to upper lintel band at 205 Newbury Street; install new bronze colored framed glazed storefront windows between columns and upper building banding on parlor level; remove existing middle bay banding to create a unified storefront appearance; and install new bronze colored framed glazed storefront windows between columns and entry door between new bronze colored sign band banding and the paving on the garden level.

    17.700 BB 474 Beacon Street

    Applicant: Dartagnan Brown (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Lower height of brick parapet wall around the perimeter of a previously approved roof deck located on top of a previously approved garage extension.

    17.645 BB 488 Beacon Street, Unit 10/11

    Applicant: Calla Jean Schaefer and Douglas Adams (Owners)

    Proposed Work: Install two air conditioning compressors at rear elevation: one mounted to the wall; and one on the ground.

    17.697 BB 488 Beacon Street, Unit 12/13

    Applicant: Anjali Midah (Owner)

    Proposed Work: Installation of two condenser units on roof; and installation of dryer vent at rear elevation.

    17.661 BB 23 Commonwealth Avenue

    Applicant: Robert J. Ferree (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: At rear yard remove portion of existing fence and wall and expand paved area.

    16.1538 BB 72 Commonwealth Avenue

    Applicant: Amit Dixit and Chris Chandler – ISKCON of New England (Applicants)

    Proposed Work: Re-landscaping of front garden area and installation of an outdoor sculpture consisting of a brass figure on a granite base standing seventy-five inches tall.

  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.690 BB 277 Beacon Street

    At rear elevation replace one one-over-one second story window in-kind.

    17.696 BB 811 Boylston Street

    Replace existing signage at front façade and install new window signage.

    17.695 BB 245 Commonwealth Avenue

    Installation of iron grilles at front façade's entry doors.

    17.692 BB 293 Commonwealth Avenue

    At front façade replace four one-over-one third floor windows in-kind.

    17.687 BB 118 Marlborough Street

    Installation of snow melt system below existing brick parking court at rear yard and replacement of asphalt paving adjacent to alley with brick pavers.

    17.689 BB 135 Marlborough Street

    At front façade replace two twelve-over-one third story windows in-kind, and one twenty-over-two window in-kind; at side elevation replace one twelve-over-one third story window in-kind, and two sixteen-over-one third story windows in-kind.

    17.691 BB 421 Marlborough Street

    At side elevation replace eleven one-over-one non-historic sixth story windows with one-over-one wood windows, and replace four stationary transom non-historic windows with wood stationary transom windows.

    17.698 BB 73 Newbury Street

    Replacement of existing signage at first story retail space.

    17.662 BB 228 Newbury Street

    Replace existing black rubber membrane roof in-kind.

    17.699 BB 273 Newbury Street

    Install electric lantern at front façade's first story entry door.


  4. Ratification of 11/14/2016 and 12/14/2016 Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Staff Updates
  6. Adjournment