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Last updated: 01/10/2017 - 9:09am

Public Improvement Commission Hearing

The following public improvements will be considered in the City of Boston as the request of the petitioners.


Discussion Topics

  1. Pole Hearing

    On a petition by Eversource Energy to Relocate One Guy Pole on Weld Hill Street, Hyde Park, located on its southwesterly side southeast of Hyde Park Avenue

  2. New Business

    Dartmouth Street; Boston Proper – Specific Repairs – On a petition by Rosie’s Place

    54-68 Devonshire Street, Quaker Lane; Boston Proper – Specific Repairs, Earth Retention License – On a set of petitions by MHF Devonshire V LLC

    132 Chestnut Hill Avenue, Atwood Road; Brighton – Abandonment, Specific Repairs – On a set of joint petitions by the Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly III Inc., JCHE Leventhal Inc., and the Boston Redevelopment Authority