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Boston Retirement System meeting

The Boston Retirement System will be holding a meeting on January 20, 2021 at 10 a.m.

Discussion Topics

  1. Meeting Convenes - Introduction of Members & Guests
  2. Review and Acceptance of Past Administrative Session Minutes
  3. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues: Timothy J Smyth, Executive Officer
    • Administrative Update
      • Fifth Member vacancy – discussion only
      • Vitech upgrade - discussion only
  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues: John F. Kelly, Investment Analyst
    • Investment Update
    • NEPC
    • Emerging Markets Equity Search – discussion and vote
      • Axiom
      • Columbia Threadneedle
      • Vontobel
    • Private Markets – discussion only
    • Diverse Manager Private Markets Search – discussion only
    • December 2020 Flash Reportdiscussion only
    • Work Plandiscussion only
  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues: Ellen M. McCarthy, Comptroller
    • Financial Update
      • December 2020 Financial Snapshotdiscussion only
  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues: Christine M. Weir, Operations Officer
    • Operations Update
      • December 2020 payroll update – discussion only
  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues: Padraic P. Lydon, General Counsel
    • Legal Update
      • PERAC Memos offered for educational purposes only:
        • PERAC Memo 34-2020 COLA for Supplemental Dependent Allowance
        • PERAC Memo 1-2021 re Annual Review of Medical Testing Fee
        • PERAC Memo 2-2021 re 2021 Limits Under Ch 46 of the Acts of 2002
        • PERAC Memo 3-2021 re 2021 Limits under Sec 23 of Ch 131 of the Acts of 2010
        • PERAC Memo 4-2021 re COLA

    The Board shall enter into Executive Session in order to discuss the physical condition or mental health of an individual.  Specifically, the Board shall consider applications for accidental disability retirement benefits, ordinary disability retirement benefits and/or petitions for accidental death benefits.  Additionally, the Board shall discuss litigation strategy, as well as discuss the interview of applicants for employment or appointment by a preliminary screening committee as an open meeting will have a detrimental effect in obtaining qualified applicants.  The Board shall re-convene in Administrative Session in order to consider any remaining agenda items and then adjourn.

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