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Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission

The Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission will hold its monthly hearing on Thursday, April 8, 2021, at 6 p.m.

Attention: This hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link, or call 929-205-6099 and enter meeting ID 861 8552 9275 #. You can also submit written comments to staff via email at

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    APP # 21.0754 FPC          253 Summer Street. Proposed Work: Ratify a patio expansion, including the installation of pavers, planters, lighting, furniture, and associated landscaping (Violation # VIO.21.009).

  2. Design Review

    APP # 21.0709 FPC          33/41 Farnsworth Street. Proposed Work: Remove select deteriorated fire shutter pins. At areas where fire shutter pins have previously been removed, install new brick. See additional items under Administrative Review.

  3. Administrative Review/ Approval

    APP # 21.0709 FPC          33/41 Farnsworth Street: At all facades, restore mortar joints using mortar that matches the historic mortar joints in terms of color, texture, joint width, tooling, and profile; selectively replace deteriorated brick as needed with new brick to match the historic in terms of color, texture, size, and profile; remove copper cornice/ flashing and replace with new copper; replace window sealant joints. Paint and/ or recoat previously coated metal/steel and concrete. See additional items under Design Review.

    APP # 21.0755 FPC          51 Melcher Street: At the areas of the Melcher Street, Necco Court, and courtyard facades, replaced window perimeter sealant in kind, perform masonry spot pointing with new mortar to match historic in terms of color, texture, profile, joint width, and tooling, perform stone sill patching with mortar to match the historic in terms of color, texture and profile, and selective brick replacement with new brick to match historic in terms of color, texture, size, and profile.

  4. Ratification of 3/11/2021 FPCLDC Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Staff Updates
  6. Projected Adjournment: 7:00 PM