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City Council Committee on Ways and Means Working Session on Dockets #0524-0531, 0535-0536, 0538-0539, FY22 Budget: BPD, Environment

One of a series of working sessions to prepare for FY22 Budget hearings. The focus of this working session is the FY22 budgets for the Boston Police Department and the Environment Department, including Conservation Commission and Landmarks. This working session will also cover BPD and Environment revolving funds.

Discussion Topics

  1. Dockets #0524-0526

    Orders for the FY22 Operating Budget, including annual appropriations for departmental operations, for the School Department, and for other post-employment benefits (OPEB).

  2. Dockets #0527-0528

    Orders for capital fund transfer appropriations.

  3. Dockets #0529-0531

    Orders for the Capital Budget, including loan orders and lease-purchase agreements.

  4. Dockets #0535-0536, 0538-0539

    Orders authorizing limits for the Boston Police Department and Environment Department revolving funds for FY22.

    These matters were sponsored by the Administration and were referred to the Committee on April 14, 2021.

    NOTICE: The Boston City Council may have a quorum in attendance due to standing committees of the City Council Consisting of both voting and non-voting members. However, members attending this duly posted meeting are participating and deliberating only in conjunction with the business of the standing committee.


    In accordance with Governor Baker’s March 12, 2020, Executive Order modifying certain requirements of the Open Meeting Law and relieving public bodies of certain requirements, including the requirement that public bodies conduct its meetings in a public place that is open and physically accessible to the public, the City Council will be conducting all or part of this hearing virtually. This enables the City Council to carry out its responsibilities while adhering to public health recommendations and ensuring public access to its deliberations through adequate, alternative means. The public may watch these hearings via livestream at and via broadcast on Xfinity 8/RCN 82/Fios 964.


    There will be no public comment period for these working sessions.

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