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Last updated: 01/25/2017 - 12:39pm

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    17.742 SE             3 Appleton Street

    Applicant: David Caplice - Agent

    Proposed Work: Extend handrail and add another handrail.


    17.754 SE             11 Rutland Square

                                  Applicant: Dartagnan Brown - Architect

    Proposed Work: Install new egress window at basement level, excavate window well, install new roof deck.


    17.772 SE             74-76 Union Park Street

    Applicant: Paul Chisolm – Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Proposed Work: Renovate existing convent/connector building including cleaning repair and replacement of masonry elements in kind, repair existing windows in kind, replace 31 windows in the convent in kind, replace deteriorated metal down spouts with copper scuppers, replace 2 existing louvres with copper louvres, install steel entry canopy on Waltham Street elevation. Also replace 60 windows in the high school in kind (per #07.852 SE).


    17.773 SE             74-76 Union Park Street

    Applicant: Paul Chisolm – Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Proposed Work: Remove one metal window unit and surrounding ornate precast frame for research into best repair practices for future restoration of all five units.


    17.756 SE             102 Chandler Street

                                  Applicant: David McWhan – Architect

    Proposed Work: Replace all 6/6 wood windows on the front and rear façade in kind. Enlarge windows at basement, eliminating non-original infill.



    17.752 SE             83 Appleton Street: Install new EPDM roof and new drip edge.

    17.755 SE             121 Chandler Street: Replace previously approved deck in kind and install a cable railing system.

    17.748 SE             42 Dartmouth Street: Construct roof deck.

    17.743 SE             11 Rutland Square: Replace all front windows in kind with wood. Repair and repoint front façade as needed, repair wood sills and arched lintels as needed in kind, repair front wood cornice as needed in kind, Replace gutters, downspouts, and roof flashing with copper, repair existing front door, stoop and planters in kind, repair and  repaint existing front gate and railing. Paint block wall to match adjacent, reclad asphalt shingled mansard roof in simulations slate shingles, install new sconce lighting.

    17.680 SE             550 Tremont Street: Replace 6 fixed glass and casement windows with 6 2/2 windows.

    17.749 SE             11 Union Park: Repair and repoint front façade in kind, Replace stucco on roof addition with simulated slate. Repair and repaint sills and lintels. Repair and repaint existing windows. Replace existing stoop window in kind. Paint front entrance door, overhang, columns, vestibule staircase, building apron, exterior ironwork and garden border masonry.

    17.751 SE             38 Union Park: Install new rubber roof over flat roof area at rear, reinstall roof deck, and replace rear gutters.