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Back Bay Architectural Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit to City Hall after 5:30p.m.)

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. 4:30p.m. Violations Committee Meeting
  2. 5:00 p.m. Design Review Hearing

    17.745 BB 425 Boylston Street: Install interior signage at ATM.

    17.736 BB 501 Boylston Street: Install new retail entrance glass door system matching adjacent door, door finish and hardware.

    17.768 BB 91 Newbury Street: At front façade remove existing street level glass storefront; salvage existing ornamental iron work for re-installation; install new butt glazed storefront doors and sidelights; and re-work the base to accommodate new doors.

    17.769 BB 166 Newbury Street: Install new signage above lower level storefront entry, window signage and two back-lit display boxes at bluestone walls.

    17.739 BB 336 Newbury Street: Install new illuminated blade sign.

    17.729 BB 370 Commonwealth Avenue: Improvements to Massachusetts Avenue bicycle lane, sidewalk and valet/travel lane at 370 Commonwealth Avenue.

    17.746 BB 114-118 Beacon Street: Remove and replace three antennas and add three remote radio heads to the existing rooftop telecom facility along with two conduits containing associated cables inside the existing cable tray.

    17.723 BB 284 Commonwealth Avenue: Install a skylight at the roof of the rear ell.

    17.764 BB 272 Marlborough Street: Construct a roof deck with black painted steel rail on the building's upper roof, expand existing elevator head house and re-clad in standing seam copper.

    17.697 BB 488 Beacon Street, Unit 12/13: Installation of two condenser units on roof; and installation of dryer vent at rear elevation.

  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.765 BB 274 Beacon Street: Replace seventh floor French door system and flanking  tri-part windows at rear elevation with wood doors and windows matching the historic configuration; replace seventh floor eight-over-eight, double-hung window and six-over-six, double-hung window at east elevation with wood windows matching the historic window configuration; replace three seventh floor six-over-six double-hung windows at west elevation with wood windows matching the historic window.

    17.744 BB 55 Commonwealth Avenue: Install exterior light fixture above front façade entry door.

    17.750 BB 65 Commonwealth Avenue: Install four Harvey Tru Channel white aluminum storm windows at fifth story windows at rear and side elevations.

    17.767 BB 180 Commonwealth Avenue: Install four Harvey Tru Channel black aluminum storm windows at third story windows at rear elevation.

    17.770 BB 390 Commonwealth Avenue: Replace five third story double-hung one-over-one wood windows at front façade in-kind.

    17.693 BB 28 Exeter Street: Installation of new sign panel above entry door.

    17.747 BB 88 Marlborough Street: Replace one six-over-six front facing window on fourth floor in-kind; replace one four-over-four front facing window on fourth floor in-kind; and replace four one-over-one rear facing windows on fourth and fifth floor in-kind.

    17.707 BB 88 Marlborough Street: At front façade replace two double-hung, six-over-six fourth story windows in-kind.

    17.740 BB 119 Marlborough Street: Replace two front facing ground floor one-over-one windows in-kind.

    17.737 BB 73 Newbury Street: Replace window signage at first story bay window.

    17.766 BB 257 Newbury Street: Replace four first story one-over-one, double-hung wood windows at rear elevation in-kind.

  4. Discussion Items

    Boylston Street sidewalk paving plan.

    Order of Public Hearing.

  5. Ratification of 11/14/2016; 12/14/2016; and 1/11/2017 Public Hearing Minutes
  6. Staff Updates
  7. Adjournment