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Last updated: 02/01/2017 - 9:47am

Zoning Advisory subcommittee hearing

The subcommittee is holding a hearing on February 16 at 5 p.m.

The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. HEARINGS: 5 p.m.

    Case: BOA665283, Address: 8 Chestnut Street Ward: 2, Applicant: Timothy Sheehan

    Article(s): 58(58-8)

    Purpose: This is a proposal for a two story wood frame addition to an existing ten year old house which is part of a three house development. The addition consists of a first floor bedroom/bathroom and second floor closet both connected with a supplemental five foot diameter spiral stair.


    Case: BOA-657861, Address: 2 Laurel Street, Ward: 2, Applicant: Timothy Sheehan

    Article(s): 62(62-62-25) 62(62-62-8)

    Purpose: This application is for the addition of a third floor 90 square foot bathroom addition on top of a rear 'ell" two-story portion of an existing three story single family residence.


    Case: BOA-665759, Address: 145-145A East Berkeley Street Ward: 3, Applicant: Shan Chan

    Article(s): 9(9-1) 64(64-19)

    Purpose: Addition first floor on back for restaurant kitchen.


    Case: BOA-655855 Address: 100 Revere Street Ward: 5 Applicant: Declan Stilwell

    Article(s): 13(13-1)

    Purpose: Proposed exterior rear deck, 9'-0" x 3'-6" (LxW) ipe wood deck with 3'-6" high railing (iron fire escape type porch with 5/8" square balusters @ 4" o.c. max with mahogany wood rail cap).


    Case: BOA-658675 Address: 115-115H M Street, Ward: 6, Applicant: Anthony Virgilio

    Article(s): 10(10-1) 13(13-13-1)

    Purpose: Obtain curb cut for existing parking for two parking spaces.


    Case: BOA-649750, Address: 67 Dudley Street, Ward: 9, Applicant: Amanda Townsend

    Article(s): 50(50-29)

    Purpose: Construct new rear second floor addition and new roof deck over existing first floor plan in an existing single family dwelling.


    Case: BOA-668776, Address: 14 Hyde Park Avenue, Ward: 11, Applicant: Morjieta Derisier

    Article(s): 55(55-16)

    Purpose: Changing Occupancy to include "Drive School Use". No work to be done.


    Case: BOA-651736, Address: 188 Harvard Street Ward: 14, Applicant: Lucia Mendes

    Article(s): 60(60-9) 60(60-60-9) 60(60-38)

     Purpose: Building footing of 4ft high and installing concrete block wall fence; left wall front 5ft/back 12ft right 6ft back 12ft digging 8ft to remove tree stump paving rear of the house and right side - existing curb cutting Renovating the rear deck to same existing scope.


    Case: BOA-647413, Address: 30 Brookvale Street, Ward: 16, Applicant: Ergun Merdin

    Article(s): 65(65-9)

    Purpose: First Floor Kitchen Extension 12'x5' Second Floor Bathroom Addition 16'x5'.


    Case: BOA669263, Address: 11 Ellis Street, Ward: 18, Applicant: Vernon Woodworth

    Article(s): 69(69-9)

    Purpose: Expanded footprint and roof line, amend ALT643448.


    Case: BOA-667189, Address: 111 Addington Road Ward: 20, Applicant: Ioan Truta

    Article(s): 56(56-8)

    Purpose: Carport/canopy on the side of the garage.



    Case: BOA-649732, Address: 219 Manthorne Road, Ward: 20, Applicant: Jeffrey Sulkin

    Article(s): 56(56-8)

    Purpose: Small 10' x 12'-6" 2 story addition to existing Single Family Home. Remodeling of existing master bath and bedroom. Req zba.


    Case: BOA-672001 Address: 388 Park Street, Ward: 20, Applicant: Owen Sullivan

    Article(s): 56(56-8)

    Purpose: Two car wood frame attached garage on east side (right side of house if facing house). One story in height, dimensions 24'x24' with flat roof.


    Case:BOA-662053 Address: 2 Symmes Street, Ward: 20 Applicant: Estate of Henry Foster

    Article(s): 10(10-1) 67(67-9) 67(67-32)

    Purpose: Change from one to two family, existing condition. Renovate 2 family as per plans.