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Flammable storage and garages remote hearing

Inspectional Services will hold a remote hearing regarding flammable storage and garages on June 30 at 10 a.m.

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Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda


    534 rear Dorchester Ave               11 Vehicles parking garage 220 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles.

    534 Dorchester Ave LLC

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    521 East Eighth Street                    9 vehicle parking garage 180 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Sun Property Group Inc                                Building permit approved by the Board of Appeal with public Hearing

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    Continued June 2021

    New applications


    95 St Alphonus St                             111 vehicle 2200 gallons of gas in the tanks

    Wingate Companies

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    392-398 Cambridge Street            42 vehicle parking garage 840 gallons of gas in the tanks of vehicles

    Babak Veyssi                                      106 gallons of diesel fuel in generator

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    Committee Members


    Captain Thomas Farrell                  Boston Fire Department

                                                                    Boston Transportation

    Brian Ronan                                        Boston Inspectional Services Department


    Brigid Kenny-White

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