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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday June 17, 2021, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting link or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 834 1492 9638. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review

    APP # 21.0951 BH     58 TEMPLE STREET (Previously Heard on 5-20-2021) (Removed by Applicant).

    Proposed Work: Replace non-historic glazed glass with historically appropriate etched glass

    APP # 21.0954 BH    23 BRIMMER STREET

    Proposed Work: At rear level four, replace rear door and transom light.

    APP # 21.0104 BH    30 HANCOCK STREET (Previously Heard on 8-20-2020)

    Proposed Work: Install HVAC equipment at rear ell.

    APP # 21.1063 BH     69 CHARLES STREET

    Proposed Work: New “open” and store description signage.

    APP # 21.1064 BH     150 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: Replace two front doors, new mail slot, and new hinges.

    APP # 21.1066 BH     123 CHARLES STREET

    Proposed Work: Remove plywood panels and replace with wood clapboard, paint black to match existing, replace A/C unit (over front door) with glass transom, replace missing and damaged mullion, install new sign and hanging hardware (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review).

    APP # 21.1067 BH     5 CHARLES RIVER SQUARE (Removed By Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Remove existing roof deck and shed, build new deck and clad chimney with lattice work.

    APP # 21.1068 BH   46 BEACON STREET:

    Proposed Work: At rear façade, level two, replace two, 1 over 1, aluminum windows with two, 1 over 1 aluminum windows (See Additional Items under Administrative Review).

    APP # 21.1069 BH   45 MOUNT VERNON STREET:

    Proposed Work: Replace head house and roof deck.

    APP # 21.1070 BH   112 PINCKNEY STREET:

    Proposed Work: Install HVAC equipment at rear of property visible from Storrow Drive.

    APP # 21.1071 BH    55 PINCKNEY STREET:

    Proposed Work: New doorbell & door hardware (See Additional Items under Administrative Review).

    APP # 21.1072 BH    39-41 MOUNT VERNON STREET:

    Proposed Work: Add six security gates to lower level windows to match existing windows.

    APP # 21.1073 BH    17 LOUISBURG SQUARE:

    At front façade, return front windows to their original configuration, replace louvered shutters with historically appropriate shutters, restore granite water table at ground level to original conditions, and replace lower level grates to match neighboring property, replace all windows on front façade to fit new window openings. Windows will have appropriate panes and sash counts, restore stoop and flanking granite “cheeks” to original configuration. Replace garden level door to match neighboring property.

    APP # 21.1074 BH   144 CHARLES STREET:

    Proposed Work: Conversion of part of the property from parking to office use; work to include replacement of windows, addition of new windows, new light fixtures, remodel of lower level covered  access way, new signage master plan, new roof deck, masonry infill of floor one and two openings, new storefront configuration.

  2. Administrative Review

    APP # 21.1068BH    46 BEACON STREET: Replace chapel storm windows at rear of property (See Additional Items under Design Review).

    APP # 21.1075 BH    62 BEACON STREET: Remove ivy and repoint north and west facades using type N mortar mix.

    APP # 21.1076 BH       141 CAMBRIDGE STREET, 14-16 LYNDE STREET: Restore 16 windows at 14-16 Lynde Street; restore four windows at 141 Cambridge Street; exterior restoration including in kind sill replacements, repairs to casing and jambs on 20 windows of both properties. Refer to application for complete details. Spot repointing of both buildings.

    APP # 21.1066 BH     123 CHARLES STREET Scrape and paint exterior wood casings and moldings; (See Additional Items under Design Review).

    APP # 21.1078  BH  57 MYRTLE STREET: At top level, replace four, 1 over 1, wood windows with four, 1 over 1, wood windows. Paint to match existing.

    APP # 21.1079 BH   2 PHILLIPS STREET: at rear façade, level one, remove “greenhouse” window and restore window to original configuration.  Remove non-historic gates from front windows.

    APP # 21.1071 BH    55 PINCKNEY STREET: Rebuild wood stair treads in kind. (See Additional Items under Design Review).

    APP # 21.1080 BH   52A TEMPLE STREET: At front façade garden level, replace two, 6 over 6, wood, true divided light windows with two, 6 over 6, and wood, true divided light windows. 

    APP # 21.1065 BH     6 WEST CEDAR STREETReplace existing skylight in kind.

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