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South End Landmark District Commission

The South End Landmark District Commission will meet on August 3 at 5:30 p.m.

Attention: Please note that this hearing will be held virtually and not in person. To participate, please go to our Zoom meeting link or call 929-205-6099 and enter meeting id 830 6388 8450#. You can also submit written comments to staff via email at

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    APP # 22.0133 SE           3 BOND STREET

    Proposed work: Rectify coring of granite for groundwater recharge system

  2. Design Review

    APP # 21.1165 SE      69 MONTGOMERY STREET

    Proposed work: Remove existing chain link fence and section of stone wall at front yard and install new metal railing system.

    APP # 22.0050 SE      599-627 COLUMBUS AVENUE

    Proposed work: Replace existing signage. 


    Proposed work: Replace entry doors in kind

    APP # 21.1100 SE         155 WEST BROOKLINE STREET

    Proposed work: Install new precast lintels and sills with color to match existing, install new wood doors at main entry.

    APP # 22.0054 SE         11 ST. CHARLES STREET

    Proposed work: Construct new roof deck with  metal rails and hatch.

    APP # 22.0045 SE          26 YARMOUTH STREET

    Proposed work: Construct new roof deck with metal rails and hatch.

    APP # 22.0051 SE           73 APPLETON STREET

    Proposed work: Replace existing deck frame, railings, decking and rubber roof in the same footprint.

    APP # 21.1176 SE             133 WEST CONCORD STREET

    Proposed work: Install iron ornamental fence at front yard.

    APP # 22.0018 SE           13 UPTON STREET

    Proposed work: Construct a new roof deck and hatch.

    APP # 22.0066 SE          809-811 HARRISON AVENUE

    Proposed work: Remove and replace windows, replace wood molding in kind, remove awning, paint, and install new signage

  3. Administrative Review

    APP # 22.0080 SE    117 Chandler Street: Repair mansard in kind, re-install new soffit and fascia boards, install new crown molding to match existing, prime and paint to match.

    APP # 21.1112 SE       431 Columbus Avenue: Repair existing trim, repair roof.

    APP # 21.1111 SE        499 Columbus Avenue: Replace roofing on mansard with slate-like shingles, replace from gutter with new copper gutter.

    APP # 22.0064 SE    10 Milford Street: Spot repoint with type “N” mortar, repair damaged lintels and sills and paint with Benjamin Moore HC-69.

    APP # 22.0054 SE     11 St. Charles Street: Repair and restore existing trim at front door overhang, install new single ply membrane roof

    APP # 21.1140 SE      80 West Concord Street: Repoint at rear façade with type “N” mortar.

    APP # 22.0065 SE     214 West Concord Street: Repair 2nd floor bay wing, remove existing roofing and replace with EPDM rubber roof with edge flashing, fascia, and soffit, prime and paint to match existing.

    APP # 22.0030 SE     161 West Newton Street: Repaint front portico, windows and brick moldings to match existing, replace copper gutters and downspouts in kind. Replace two aluminum 1-over-1 double hung windows with new wood 2-over-2 windows in garden level of Bow. Restore five original wood 2-over-2 double hung windows at floors 1 and 2. Replace aluminum storm windows at same, replace five wood 2-over-1 double hung windows with new wood 2-over-2 double hung windows to match.

    APP # 21.1088 SE      165 West Newton Street: Replace seven non-original windows at 2nd and 3rd floor with wood windows. Repoint, repair roofline trim with like kind details and materials, repair mansard roof shingles using original units and like kind as necessary.

    APP # 22.0082 SE     76 West Rutland Square #101: Remove three non-original double hung wood windows in kind with three new construction non-clad double hung windows. Paint windows and trim to match existing, with exterior grates to remain.

  4. Advisory Review


    Proposed work: Demolish existing 1-story commercial structure and erect a 7-story mixed-use structure with ground floor retail.

  5. Ratification of Meeting Minutes

    7/6/2021 Public Hearing Minutes

    7/7/2021 Subcommittee Public Meeting Minutes

    7/19/2021 Subcommittee Public Meeting Minutes

  6. Staff Updates
  7. Projected Adjournment: 8:30 PM
    • John Amodeo, John Freeman, Diana Parcon, Fabian D’Souza, David Shepperd
    • Alternate: Catherine Hunt, Vacancy
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