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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 871 3606 3394. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    APP #: 22.0264 BH 104 CHESTNUT STREET
    Proposed Work: The ratification of unapproved electrical outlet in granite.

    VIO #: 21.0072 BH 25-27 PINCKNEY STREET
    Proposed Work: The ratification of unapproved window boxes, camera and windows.

    VIO #: 21.0065 BH 82 REVERE STREET
    Proposed Work: The ratification of unapproved service door, unapproved change in paint color of front door.

  2. Design Review

    APP # 22.0177 BH 133 CHARLES STREET: Proposed Work: New store signage.

    APP # 22.0124 BH 30 CHARLES STREET: Proposed Work: New store signage.

    APP # 22.0226 BH 6 OTIS PLACE: (Continued from 8/2021 Hearing) Proposed Work: Remove & reset existing upper deck and 4th floor front deck in-kind. Iron rail to be refurbished in the process, no revisions to existing footprint or configuration of deck.

    APP # 22.0005 BH 45 CHARLES STREET: (Continued from 7/2021 Hearing) Proposed Work: Replace twelve canopy-mounted fixtures with new LED fixtures. Install one new LED wall-mounted fixture.

    APP # 21.1068 BH 46 BEACON STREET: (Continued from 6/2021 Hearing) Proposed Work: At rear façade, level two, replace two, 1 over 1, aluminum windows with two, 1 over 1 aluminum windows.

    APP # 21.1072 BH 39-41 MOUNT VERNON STREET: (Continued from 7/2021 Hearing)
    Proposed Work: Add six security gates to lower level windows to match existing windows with security gates.

    APP #: 22.0277 BH 83 MOUNT VERNON STREET Proposed Work: Replace existing pressure treated wood lattice roof deck guardrail with new steel guardrail painted black. Remove small section of roof to extend existing roof deck and guardrail to the party wall.

    APP #: 22.0327 BH 63 MOUNT VERNON STREET Proposed Work: Add shutters and shutter dogs, new front gate and fence. (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review). Removed by Staff

    APP #: 22.0326 BH 40 CHARLES STREET Proposed Work: New Sign.

    APP #: 22.0292 BH 144 CHARLES STREET  Proposed Work: At roof, install privacy fence. guardrail to the party wall.

    APP #: 22.0305 BH 15 RIDGEWAY LANE Proposed Work: Removing from the rear patio, a non-original wood inswing 15-light door and wood outswing door and replacing with Pella Reserve Traditional wood/alum clad 15-light inswing door with Pella's historically accurate ILT grills.

  3. Administrative Review

    APP # 22.0104 BH 35 BEACON STREET: At front elevation second floor, replace two curved sash, two over two, wood windows with two, curved sash 2 over 2, double hung windows. Replace one, 2 over 2 straight sashes, wood window with a straight sash, 2 over 2, wood window.

    APP # 22.0028 BH 21 BEAVER PLACE: Replace non-historic, front facing windows in kind with proper pane configuration.

    APP # 22.0028 BH 24 BRIMMER STREET: Temporarily remove existing stone steps at front door to repair failing piles below stair and re-install stone stairs in original location. Install new railing to replace original railing with same design.

    APP # 22.0201 BH 52 GARDEN STREET: Repair the building facade masonry to match existing using cement lime mix.

    APP # 22.0236 BH 32 LIME STREET: Add a copper cap to existing concrete cap at 5th floor parapet and sloping caps at the mansard roof.

    APP # 22.0213 BH 109 MT. VERNON STREET: Repoint masonry as needed. Scrape and repaint window trim in kind.

    APP # 22.0317 BH 40 PHILLIPS STREET: At front façade, top floor, replace three, non-historic, 2 over 2, wood windows with three, 2 over 2 wood, double hung windows.

    APP # 22.0104 BH 45 PINCKNEY STREET: Repoint masonry as needed. Scrape and repaint window trim in kind.

    APP # 22.0187 BH 37 REVERE STREET: At front elevation, fifth floor, replace ten, 1 over 1, aluminum double hung windows with ten, 1 over 1, wood double hung windows.

  5. Staff Updates
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