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Zoning Advisory Board of Appeal hearing

The subcommittee meeting is holding a virtual hearing on Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 5 p.m.

Please be advised of the following appeals to be heard on October 14, 2021, beginning at 5 p.m. and related announcements.

All matters listed on this October 14, 2021, hearing agenda have been noticed in accordance with the enabling act.

Please be advised of the following participation instructions:

The October 14, 2021, hearing will be held virtually via video teleconference and telephone via the WebEx event platform.

Interested persons can participate in the hearing REMOTELY by going to our online meeting or by calling 1-617-315-0704 and entering access code 2340 089 2678. If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal, sign up online. Please provide your name, address, the address and/or BOA number of the appeal on which you wish to speak, and if you wish to speak in support of or opposition to the project.

For individuals who need translation assistance, please notify the Board at least 48 HOURS in advance either by signing up online, calling 617-635-5300, or emailing

The ZBA Ambassador will be available within the WebEx Event from 4 - 5 p.m. to answer questions about ZBA procedures and offer instructions on how to participate in the hearing via WebEx. Questions and/or concerns can also be emailed to the ZBA Ambassador at  If you wish to offer comment within the meeting platform, please use the “raise hand” function, if connected by video, or dial *3, if connected by phone. The requester will be administratively unmuted and asked to state their name, address and comment. Comments will be limited as time requires.

If you wish to offer testimony on an appeal, please log in to the hearing no later than 5 p.m. to ensure your connection is properly functioning.

The hearing can also be viewed via livestream on the City’s website. Closed captioning is available.

Interested persons who are unable to participate in the hearing remotely may make an appointment to appear in person at 1010 Mass Ave. Please notify the Board at least 48 HOURS in advance either by calling 617-635-4775 or emailing for accommodations to be made. Individuals appearing 1010 Mass Ave without an appointment will not be permitted to enter.

Members of the community are strongly encouraged to help facilitate the virtual hearing process by emailing letters in support of or opposition to an appeal to in lieu of offering testimony online or from BPDA board room. It is strongly encouraged that written comments be submitted to the board at least 48 hours prior to the hearing. When doing so, please include in the subject line the BOA number, the address of the proposed project and the date of the hearing.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. HEARINGS: 5:00 P.M

    Case: BOA-1193574 Address: 50 Elm Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney Article(s): Art. 10 Sec. 01 Limitation of parking areas - Limitation of parking area ( parking in required side yard must be located 5ft away as screening and buffering from the side lot line) Purpose : Cut curb and add 2 driveway with 2 parking spaces.

    Case: BOA-1223600 Address: 50 Elm Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Patrick Mahoney Article(s): Art. 62 Sec. 25 Roof Structure Restrictions - Extension of rear roof line. Purpose: Renovate entire unit. Remove existing shed and addition and replace with new addition and shed.

    Case: BOA- 1234121Address: 10 Mount Vernon Street Ward: 2 Applicant: John Poop & Megan Poop Article(s): Article 62, Section 25 Roof Structure Restrictions Purpose: Demolition of select interior partition walls. New first floor kitchen bump out and 3rd floor roof dormers. New mechanicals, wall framing, windows, doors, roofing, siding and interior finishes.

    Case: BOA-1242012 Address:28 Cross Street Ward: 2 Applicant: Top Pro Construction, Inc Article(s):Article 62, Section 25 Roof Structure Restrictions - Roof Structure Restrictions Purpose : Amendment to Longform ALT1171467 to Include addition of Back deck off of Master Bedroom on 3rd floor. Deck is within all setbacks.

    Case: BOA- 1221855 Address: 671 East Sixth Street Ward: 6 Applicant: Trustee of Richard J. Curtin Revocable Trust Article(s): Article 68, Section 8 Add'l Lot Area Insufficient Article 68, Section 8 Side Yard Insufficient Article 68, Section 33 Off Street Parking & Loading Req - Off Street Parking Insufficient Article 68, Section 29 Roof Structure Restrictions Purpose : Confirm occupancy as Single Family Dwelling. Change Occupancy to a Two Family Dwelling. Proposed dormer addition, rear roof deck, new egress stair, extend living space into basement and renovate as per plans.

    Case: BOA-1242188 Address: 80 H Street Ward: 6 Applicant: David MaGrath Article(s): Art 68 Sec 29 Roof Structure Restrictions - a) height above roof (c) Access via new exterior stair case Purpose : Construct a new roof deck to include staircase on left side of structure for access.

    Case: BOA-1057367 Address: 33 Belden Street Ward: 7 Applicant: Pedro Andujar Article(s): Art. 09 Sec. 01 Reconstruction/Extenion of Nonconfroming Bldg. Purpose : Confirm occupancy as 2 family. Kitchen, bathroom, basement extended living space.

    Case: BOA-1227079 Address: 57-59 Greaton Road Ward: 20 Applicant: Timothy Burke Article(s): Article 56, Section 8 Excessive F.A.R. .4 max. Article 56, Section 8 Insufficient side yard setback 10' req. Article 56, Section 8# of allowed stories exceeded 2.5.story max. Purpose : Construct new dormers to create additional living space on the third floor with new bathroom. Construct new stair from second floor for access. Work includes new framing, finishes and associated mechanical and electrical work.

    Case: BOA-1233448 Address:8 Chesbrough Road Ward: 20 Applicant: Caitlin Viera Article(s): Article 56. Section 8 Side Yard Insufficient Purpose : Add outdoor deck to rear of structure.

    Case: BOA-1214558 Address: 247 Willow Street Ward: 20 Applicant: James Feeney Article(s): Article 56, Section 8 Floor Area Ratio Excessive Article 56, Section 8 Bldg Height Excessive (Stories) Article 56. Section 8 Side Yard Insufficient Article 56, Section 8 Rear Yard Insufficient Purpose : First floor addition to rear of existing house with extension of living space up to attic that includes addition of shed dormers on each side of house. Add 2 Bedrooms and bath on 3rd Floor. Add Family Room out back on 1st floor. Scope also includes new rear open air deck. 

    Case: BOA- 1226162 Address: 32-34 Kenrick Street Ward: 22 Applicant: Donna Wong & Chi Cheong Leung Article(s): Art. 09 Sec. 01 Extension of Non Conforming Use Purpose : Proposed rear dormer with a new bathroom on second floor, new bedroom reconfiguration and interior renovation to existing two family residence.

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