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Beacon Hill Architectural District

The Beacon Hill Architectural District will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 874 8654 4433. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations

    APP# 22.0264 BH   104 CHESTNUT STREET:

    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved hardware, installed into the water table granite.

    APP# 22.0444 BH   21 BRANCH STREET:

    Proposed Work: Screening around HVAC equipment that was installed without the approval of the Commission.

    APP# 22.0452 BH   18 HANCOCK STREET

    Proposed Work: New fan vent through rear façade.  

  2. Design Review

    APP# 21.1068 BH    46 BEACON STREET: (Continued from 6/2021 Hearing)

    Proposed Work: At rear façade, level two, replace two, 1 over 1, aluminum windows with two, 1 over 1 aluminum windows.

    APP #: 22.0326 BH  40 CHARLES STREET: 

    Proposed Work: New Sign

    APP# 22.0321 BH    78 BEACON STREET:

    Proposed Work: Repair red scalloped slate roof in kind. (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review)

    APP# 22.0408 BH   71 MYRTLE STREET:

    Proposed Work: Replace existing roof deck with new roof deck.

    APP# 22.0441 BH    83 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: New handrail on deck on the peak of the roof.

    APP# 22.0449 BH   21 BRIMMER STREET

    Proposed Work: New pergola, new handrail.

    APP# 22.0453 BH   10 HANCOCK STREET

    Proposed Work: New handrail on rear ell roof deck.  

  3. Advisory


    Applicant: John Monacelli; City of Boston Transportation Dept.

    Proposed Work: Modifications to street crossing, signals, center islands at Charles & Beacon Street and Beacon and Arlington Street.


    APP# 22.0321 BH    78 BEACON STREET: Repoint party wall in kind using same mortar tooling and color (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

    APP# 22.0454 BH   43 BOWDOIN STREET: Restore existing front door, door surround, repaint to match existing, clean restore front steps.

    APP# 22.0387 BH   67 BRIMMER STREET: Installation of snow melt system and copper gutters.   

    APP# 22.0415 BH    68 CHESTNUT STREET: Repoint and repair brick in kind.

    APP# 22.0426 BH   81 JOY STREET: Restore existing front door, and storefront carpentry in kind.  

    APP# 22.0347 BH   6 MOUNT VERNON PLACE: Repoint brownstone and brick in kind.  

    APP# 22.0420 BH   10 PINCKNEY STREET: Replace storm windows in kind.   

    APP# 22.0323 BH   20 WEST CEDAR STREET: Install fire alarm bell, drain and FD Connection.

    APP# 22.0428 BH   10 WEST HILL PLACE: Repair existing fence; Weld decorative ornament back to existing fence. Repaint to match.

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