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Beacon Hill Architectural District

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, July 21, 2022, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our online meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 847 5967 7066. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review

    APP # 22.0444 BH 21 BRANCH STREET

    Proposed Work: New location of condensers.

    APP # 22.1182 BH    25 CHARLES STREET  Previously Reviewed at 5-2022 Hearing

    Proposed Work: New signage and window decals, new awning.

    APP # 22.1096 BH    44 PHILLIPS STREET Previously Reviewed at 6-2022 Hearing

    Proposed Work: Rebuild transom light, rebuild garden level openings.

    APP # 22.1068 BH       141 CAMBRIDGE STREET

    Proposed Work: Install mailbox.

    APP # 22.1359 BH        81 PINCKNEY STREET

    Proposed Work: New deck rails at rear of the property.

    APP # 22.1369 BH        114 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: Remove existing unapproved sconces and replace with pendant light.  

    APP # 22.1419 BH        71 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work:  Replace all windows with like windows (2 over 2)for most of front façade, (1 over 1 for front bay), rebuild rear deck in kind (with condenser placed in same location), Remove rear shed roof and re-build rear half of roof to be flat for new roof deck and elevator overrun and concealed roof drains. Access to roof deck through bulkhead with operable glass roof hatch, Rebuild rear 5th floor facade to be coplanar with face of wall below. Replace brick veneer with slate tiles; Re-build the existing balcony on front bay in kind (See Additional Items under Administrative Review).

    APP # 22.1428 BH    7 LOUISBURG SQUARE

    Proposed Work:  Replace front dormer windows and rear el windows/Juliet balconies. Enlarge one window at rear el.  (See Additional Items Under Administrative Review).

  2. Advisory Review


    Proposed Work:  Replace front door.


    APP # 22.1434  BH  35 BOWDOIN STREET: Replace asphalt shingle roof in kind.

    APP # 22.1374  BH  5 CHESTNUT STREET: Repaint front bay in kind

    APP # 22.1311  BH   13 CHESTNUT STREET/50 MOUNT VERNON STREET: Paint with exterior latex paint in existing colors all window and door trim (Benjamin Moore House Paint Custom Mix 21102A 0Y-1X10 BK20 RTI X8 GY1816 high gloss),  doors and shutters (BM Essex Green High Gloss) and iron work (BM Black High Gloss) on 13 Chestnut facade of property and (b) prep and paint with exterior latex paint in existing colors all window and door trim,  and gutters and balustrade (BM Custom Mix 21102A 0Y-1X10 BK20 RTI X8 GY1816 high gloss) and shutters, doors and downspouts (BM Black high gloss) on 50 Mt Vernon facade of the property.  All shutters shall be removed for painting offsite and subsequently re-installed.

    APP # 22.1295 BH   19 GARDEN STREET: Repoint partition wall in kind.

    APP # 22.1393 BH   22 HANCOCK STREET: Remove old fire escape, cut and repoint, remove and install new lintels. Type O mortar will be used.

    APP # 22.1428 BH    7 LOUISBURG SQUARE  Install small EV port in sidewalk in front of property, rebuild sidewalk to install ice melt system no visible changes (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

    APP # 22.1320 BH   20 LOUISBURG SQUARE: Replace the front copper roof with 20oz. red copper. We will be removing and reinstalling the existing snow guards in the same location.

    APP # 22.1292 BH   39-41 MOUNT VERNON STREET: Cut and repoint all masonry joints. Re-pointing along with replacing any spalled or broken bricks, matching existing bricks.

    APP # 22.1419 BH   71 MOUNT VERNON STREET: Restore front door and sidelights, spot repoint masonry, clean masonry (See Additional Items Under Design Review).

    APP # 22.1352 BH   85 MOUNT VERNON STREET: Remove and replace the front gutter in kind. Replace rotted wood window sills to match existing in dimensions and color. Remove and replace badly spalled brick at fountain wall in courtyard, brick and mortar to match existing.

    APP # 22.1336 BH   19 MYRTLE STREET: Masonry Restoration of the North (Alleyway); Cut and repoint masonry and stone joints, replace damaged brick, rebuild outer wythe damaged masonry, remove replace deteriorated steel lintels, clean masonry and stone, sealant replacement, all in kind to match existing adjacent construction.

    APP # 22.1406 BH   133 MYRTLE STREET: Repaint first floor windows and bay in kind with BM black on muntins and BM Corinthian on bay.

    APP # 22.1409 BH   5 WEST CEDAR STREET: Remove and replacing lintels, remove/reset brick wythe, inserting helical ties, re-grouting, repointing, repairing/replacing trim and repainting (all work to match existing)

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