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Boston Human Rights Commission Meeting

The Boston Human Rights Commission will hold a virtual public meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 5 p.m.

Attention: This meeting will only be held virtually through Zoom, not in person. You can participate in the meeting by going to our online meeting or calling +1-301-715-8592 and entering Meeting ID: 881 3600 7615

Discussion Topics

  1. Agenda

    The Meeting Agenda is expected as follows: 

            5:00 - Approval of 12.15.22 Meeting Minutes

            5:05 - Chairperson and Executive Director’s Report

            5:15 - Guest Speakers from the Conflict Early Warning Analytics Program (CEWAP) at Center for Peace, Democracy and Development (CPDD) at the McCormack Graduate School for Policy and Global Studies (MGS), UMass Boston

            5:35- Questions and Answers

            6:00- Next Steps

    Any questions please email or call 617-635-2268

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