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Public Facilities Commission Meeting (MOH)

The presenter is the Mayor's Office of Housing.


On March 29, 2023, Governor Healy approved an extension to remote and hybrid meeting options for public bodies established under Former Governor Baker's Executive Order of March 12, 2020 Suspending Certain Provisions of the Open Meeting Law through March 31, 2025. The Public Facilities Commission (PFC) will continue to conduct its meetings virtually. This enables the PFC to conduct its usual business while adhering to public health recommendations and ensuring public access to its deliberations through adequate, alternative means.

You can watch these virtual meetings on Boston City TV at Xfinity channel 24, RCN channel 13, Fios channel 962, and livestreaming on our website.

These practices in effect since May 11, 2020, will remain in effect until further notice. Updates to these practices will be posted as appropriate.

Discussion Topics

  1. VOTE 1: James Smith, Senior Environmental Compliance Manager, Real Estate Management and Sales Division
    Transfer of the care, custody, management and control from the Mayor’s Office of Housing to the Property Management Department: Land with building thereon located at 543 Columbia Road, Dorchester.
    Property Transfer
    Ward: 13
    Parcel Number: 01742000
    Square Feet: 24,533 
    Future Use: Municipal Purpose (Theater)
    Assessed Value Fiscal Year 2023: $13,181,200
    MOH Program: REMS Land Disposition 
    Subject to the approval of the Mayor under the provisions of St. 1909, c. 486, § 3 lA (as appearing in St. 1966, c. 642, § 12) that the land with building thereon located at 543 Columbia Road (Ward: 17, Parcel Number: 01742000), in the Dorchester district of the City of Boston containing approximately 24,533 square feet, be and the same hereby is, transferred from the care, custody, management and control of the Mayor's Office of Housing to the care, custody, management and control of the Property Management Department.
  2. VOTE 2: Joe Backer, Senior Development Officer, Neighborhood Housing Development Division
    Amendment to the Tentative Developer Designation vote of June 15, 2022 to extend the Tentative Designation and Intent to Sell period from 12 to 24 months to Madison Park Development Corporation: Vacant land located at 75-81 Dudley Street, Roxbury.
    Time Extension
    1) Original TD – 7/17/2019 through 7/17/2021 = 24 months
    2) Original TD extension for an additional 9 months 7/17/2019 through 4/17/2022 = 33 months
         Original TD expired after 33 months
    1) Reissued TD – 6/15/2022 through 6/15/2023 = 12 months
    2) Reissued TD extension for an additional 12 months 6/15/2022 through 6/15/2024 = 24 months
         Reissued TD total time is 24 months
    Ward:  09
    Parcel Number: 03215010
    Square Feet: 6,170 
    Future Use: New Construction - Housing
    Estimated Total Development Cost:  $10,535,789
    Assessed Value Fiscal Year 2023:  $74,200
    Appraised Value June 20, 2019:  $295,000
    MOH Program: Housing Development
    RFP Issuance Date: July 16, 2018
    That the vote of this Commission at its meeting of June 15, 2022 regarding the tentative designation and intent to sell the vacant land located at 75-81 Dudley Street (Ward: 09, Parcel: 03215010) in the Roxbury District of the City of Boston containing approximately 6,170 square feet of land to Madison Park Development Corporation, a Massachusetts, non-profit corporation, with an address of 184 Dudley Street, Roxbury, MA 02119;
    be, and hereby is amended as follows:
    By deleting the figure and word: “12 months” and substituting in place thereof the following figure and word: “24 months” wherever such may appear.
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