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Last updated: 03/23/2017 - 3:36pm

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    17.841 SE                   536 Tremont Street

    Applicant: Chris Mastrangelo – Tenant

    Proposed Work: Continuance. Install new door hardware, awnings, blade sign and building signage.


    17.963 SE                   102 Chandler Street                                     

    Applicant: David McWhan – Architect

    Proposed Work: Restore or replace all front façade windows in kind. Replace all rear façade windows in kind. Install two window wells and enlarge two basement windows. Replace one leaf entrance door with two leaf entrance door. Put in two new window openings at sides of front mansard roof.


    17.976 SE                   370-380 Harrison Avenue

                                        Applicant: Andrew Hayes - Owner

    Proposed Work: Construction of a new 14 story mixed use building with below grade parking.


    17.925 SE                   655 Tremont Street

    Applicant: Amy McCarthy - Lessee

    Proposed Work: Install pin mounted letters and a new blade sign.


    17.860 SE                   22 Concord Square

    Applicant: Brad Richards – General Contractor

    Proposed Work: Install 2 HVAC units on roof (other to admin).


    17.971 SE                   40 Berkeley Street

    Applicant: Erika DeRoche – Architect

    Proposed Work: Replace all windows and storefront systems, replace one section of storefront with new entry doors. Install new opening in site wall and new entry vestibule to building.


    17.953 SE                   104 Chandler Street

    Applicant: Anthony Griseto – Contractor

    Proposed Work: Replace aluminum sliding doors in rear mansard with 4-unit clad 2/2 double-hung sash unit.


    17.958 SE                   555 Shawmut Avenue

                                        Applicant: Anthony Griseto – Contractor

    Proposed Work: Replace 3 pane aluminum sliding window unit with 3-unit clad 2/2 double-hung sash unit.


    17.923 SE                   19 Dwight Street

    Applicant: Jack McPhee – Owner

    Proposed Work: Install HVAC unit on roof.


    17.969 SE                   40 Dwight Street

    Applicant: Chris Prud’homme – Architect

    Proposed Work: Install light well and new window.


    17.917 SE             40 Berkeley Street: Dismantle and rebuild 26' more of a brick site wall that was previously approved for reconstruction. Current wall is out of plumb (emergency repair).

    17.720 SE             86 Chandler Street: Replace existing roof deck in-kind and replace fascia boards in kind, using existing gutter.

    17.952 SE             104 Chandler Street: Replace four aluminum 1/1 windows in front mansard with four clad 2/2 windows.

    17.955 SE             104 Chandler Street: Replace 2 1/1 and 2 2/2 aluminum windows with 4 2/2 clad windows and one full light metal door at rear with a full light clad door.

    17.956 SE             104 Chandler Street: Replace 8 2/2 aluminum windows at front and rear with 8 2/2 clad windows.

    17.954 SE             104 Chandler Street: Replace 9 1/1 aluminum windows at front and rear with 9 2/2 clad windows.

    17.966 SE             287 Columbus Avenue: Install new EPDM roof and new flashing. Reuse existing coping stones.

    17.975 SE             325 Columbus Avenue: Replace 3 1/1 aluminum windows with 3 2/2 clad windows.

    17.928 SE             499 Columbus Avenue: Remove roof deck and replace rubber roof and copper flashing in kind.

    17.860 SE             22 Concord Square: Replace rubber roof and flashing in kind, replace slate on mansard in kind, replace copper gutters and flashing in kind, replace dormer trim pieces in kind, replace rubber roof on curved-top dormer with copper, replace 4 wood windows in kind (other to hearing).

    17.970 SE             19 Holyoke Street: Replace copper gutter in kind.

    17.926 SE             71 Rutland Street: Replace two aluminum 6/6 windows with two wood 2/2 windows.

    17.972 SE             322 Shawmut Avenue: Replace 2 1/1 windows with 2 2/2 wood windows.

    17.957 SE             555 Shawmut Avenue: Replace 15 double hung and 2 casement vinyl windows with 17 aluminum clad 2/2 windows.

    17.968 SE             21 Union Park: Repair oriel in kind.

    15.1127 SE           89 Union Park Street: Extend application expiration to May 5, 2018 previously approved through Administrative Review on May 5, 2015 to install a new rubber membrane roof; replace roof deck decking with weather resistant composite material; replace roof deck wood railing system with metal railings moved back from the building's perimeter; slightly enlarge and relocate one of the existing roof deck canopies back from the building's perimeter to lessen visibility from street; remove second roof deck canopy and replace with a small protective vestibule at the existing entry door to the roof.

    17.922 SE             90 Wareham Street: Install roof deck (Protection Area).

    17.967 SE             126 West Newton Street: Repoint front façade, repair front stoop in kind, repair sills and lintels in kind, replace all straight sash 2/2 wood windows in kind, restore curved sash, replace downspouts in copper, install new shutters (not reviewable), rebuild previously approved roof deck (#96.987 SE)